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May knows she isn't telling the truth

Commenting on the latest untruth delivered from the stump in Bristol, a Liberal Democrat spokesperson said:

“The Prime Minister is deliberately misleading the public.  She can keep on repeating this tired out cliché but it doesn’t make it true.

“Liberal Democrats have ruled out a coalition with a pro-Brexit Corbyn run Labour Party time and time again, just like we have ruled out a coalition with Theresa May’s pro-Brexit Conservative Party.

“The British public deserve the facts, not blatant untruths.

“Lies like this degrade politics. One might have hoped it was beneath the Prime Minister to spread such disinformation but sadly, it seems she will do anything or say anything for a vote.


Unknown said…
The media worship the great Gods Corbyn and May. Their messages will get the coverage. We are a mere prophet of little importance to them. Our message MUST get across on facebook, twitter etc. direct to the voter.

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