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Lib Dem response to Labour proposal on STPs and hospital closures

Responding to Labour's announcement it would halt NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Norman Lamb said:

“The original purpose of the STP process was a good thing – to bring fragmented parts of the system together. But it is based on the fantasy that there is enough money to deliver this vision, when the plans are now hundreds of millions of pounds short.

“The real question is: which party is prepared to take the tough action to increase investment? Only the Liberal Democrats will make the case for increasing tax to guarantee the future of the NHS.

“The Conservatives are re-organising the deck-chairs – while the good ship NHS is sinking because they are starving it of funds.

“Hospitals under the Conservatives will close because they are being starved of money, not for clinical reasons. That is a disgrace.” 


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