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We're all you've got

The battles about the 1600s were about the power of the King and his servants vis a vis the power of the people.

The King has now been replaced with the Prime Minister. One problem with our constitution is that the Prime Minister substantially controls the Legislature.

When it comes to a legal way involving the use of words rather than force for the people to control the King the only solution is parliament. To that extent: "We're all you've got."

If King Gordon can have MPs locked up for telling the truth about what the King is doing that is embarrassing then this undermines democracy and moves towards tyranny.

Today there was a vote as to whether the government (King Gordon) should have a majority on the committee (7 members) established to look at what rights the people have to hear the truth. By 285 votes to 281 the King got his way.

It was futile because both Lib Dems and Conservatives have said they won't provide King Gordon with a figleaf to conceal his embarrassment at being caught out undermining the freedom of his subjects.


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