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Windows update messes up Chrome Security - Possible solution

I made the mistake recently of allowing Windows to update the operating system. Immediately after updating the operating system Chrome stopped logging in automatically (the bit on the top right of Chrome said "paused"). This has happened to quite a few people so I looked up to find out solutions one place that has solutions is . On that I did try the Windows-L to lock and unlock, but that appeared to help sometimes, but was not that helpful. However, I do now I think have a solution. It appears that after you login to the windows operating system it does some security processes. If you wait long enough by making a cup of tea before logging into chrome then chrome logs in OK. However, if you go immediately into chrome it fails to log in. This is obviously some form of bug in Windows, but I am pleased that I have a solution that so far seems to work. It is also a solution that involves makin