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Protocol which makes senescent cells start to function and hair to grow

Note this photo: What you have is three images at different levels of magnification of some hair cells. These are hair cells which have not produced hair for some time. I have been doing some experimentation. As a result of my experimentation I have found a protocol which I believe makes cells which were senescent start to function. I think there are some side effects with this protocol. Hence if anyone wishes to try it I am happy to give details in confidence. However, they have to have the support of a healthcare professional as well as be willing to do blood tests at a reasonable frequency. In this photo you will see cells which were on a bald patch starting to produce hair. The hair is finer than other hairs although some are white and some are pigmented. This also works for other cell types which start functioning properly. Further Explanation 2/7/2022 A question was asked as a comment and I have modified the post to try an explain a bit more. If people want mo