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Urgent hearings in the Court of Protection

The Independent have done some investigation into the decisions taken by the court of protection. I have also written an article . As with much that happens in family court proceedings there is little transparency about what is actually happening. I remain concerned that a single social worker's words are sufficient to imprison someone for years. I have seen a number of cases where it appears that the expert opinion is wrong in terms of assessing capacity. However, the system still steamrolls on.

Banned Journalists (Leah McGrath Goodman) arrives in London (video)

This is a video of part of my conversation with Leah McGrath Goodman on the terrace of the House of Commons. She has had people look to find out how many other journalists have been banned from the UK. In the past 10 years she has not found one case. There remain a number of issues to be sorted out relating to how she got banned and the delays in giving her a visa. Liberty (the NCCL) also seemed particularly complacent about her being banned. They showed no interest in the issue at all. Oddly enough the immigration department promised a response, but have not produced it.