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Russia today on adoption in the UK

This links to a radio programme (in English) about forced adoption. Note the story recently in polish express. I am not commenting on Friday's events as yet beyond what I said in The House. I had been assured by people that the government would allow the bill to pass, but this did not happen.

Polish case

The link here is to a case in the polish language paper Polish Express. It relates to a mother in Haringey. Part of the google translation says this: JW: Why the speculation? Magda: I'm in this for half a year, I see and hear. For example, at a meeting of barbecue in one of many of my translators, you were present with the same care and told her that "Polish children a good product adoption." Interpreter repeated it to me. Saying basically that Polish children are good for adoption.

Jimmy Savile and Children lost by the care system

What is clear about the allegations relating to Jimmy Savile was that many involved children in the care of the state (aka "in care") - either in the UK or in Jersey. There are allegations that children have disappeared from the care system - not necessarily related to Jimmy Savile. What I have always found odd was that the government were interested in auditing what happened to the money, but uninterested in auditing what happened to the children. The SSDA903 return tracks what is recorded as having happened to children. Many children are recorded on that data base as having left care "for other reasons". From my number crunchers perspective that really worries me. Basically we have lost track of a number of children in the care system. Where have they gone?

More Protests in Slovakia

This is a link to a story about further protests in Slovakia. It is now clear that this issue involves at least 89 children in at least 40 families. That, however, is only in the Slovak republic. We are working with some other governments, but they have not taken a public view on this. There are also other countries whose citizens are pressing for their governments to support them. This is a report on an English Language Slovak website.

Jimmy Savile and Haut de la Garenne

In all the debating about Jimmy Savile and what he may have done in the past, there are aspects of the link to the current day that are being ignored. Of course there needs to be an investigation into what the BBC tolerated on BBC premises. There is also the need for a proper review of what happened at Haut de la Garenne and the allegations of abuse cruises off Jersey. However, it should be noted that (only last year) the UKBA banned a journalist (Leah McGrath Goodman) from the UK and Jersey who wished to investigate and report on what happened at Haut de la Garenne. She still does not have a visa to allow her into Jersey. The first thing to do, therefore, is to allow Leah McGrath Goodman into the country. I am surprised that the journalistic profession has been so unconcerned about the banning of a journalist from the UK.