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Interleukin-10 Review of Research

Part of my hypothesis that there is a feedback mechanism between the failure of Stem Cells to Differentiate and the failure of more Stem cells to differentiate is that failed stem cells (senescent cells) issue a molecule as part of SASP into the blood which then affects other Stem Cells. I think it is most likely that this molecule is Interleukin-10. (In fact having done the research I think it is reasonably certain) I picked it because it is both an inhibitor of NF-κB and also part of SASP My plan for this blog post is to hunt down papers on Interleukin-10 and see whether they support this hypothesis or not. That will, of course, be a work in progress. The portuguese research in red is particularly interesting Inhibitors of NF-κB signaling: 785 and counting what is nice about this paper is that it has an appendix with 785 inhibitors of NF-κB. Wikipedia on SASP this tells us what is in SASP and links to the research on this. Research that supports the Hypothesis Study on rel

What are the consequences of a shortage of nuclear Acetyl-CoA

I am using this page to collate research papers looking at what disease are probably caused by differentation failure. It is at a really early stage at the moment. It has a useful collection of links, but no real analysis. Atherosclerosis Mummies reveal that clogged arteries plagued the ancient world Looks like it is not a modern diet The Role and Research Progress of Inhibitor of Differentiation 1 in Atherosclerosis Dysfunctional Vascular Endothelium as a Driver of Atherosclerosis: Emerging Insights Into Pathogenesis and Treatment Why do statins work? I think it is clear that statins work. What they do is to prevent TCA (Tricarboxylic Acid) being converted into Cholesterol. This has two effects. A) Less Cholestoral, B) more TCA for other things. Clearly that would help with differentiation and would be a mechanistic route whereby Statins work. Osteoporosis Chromatin remodeling due to degradation of citrate carrier impairs osteogenesis of aged mesenchymal stem cells

Gompertz, Interleukin-10 and the gradual deterioration of health

The Gompertz–Makeham law of mortality is a formula used to predict mortality. The Makeham element is the external part of this such as disease or accidents. The Gompertz part relates to the gradual deterioration of health of an entity. Not all animals follow the Gompertz formula, but Human Beings do. It is an exponential increase in death rates with age. My view is that this implies that at the core of the issue of the gradual deterioration of health there is some relatively straight forward feedback loop which drives this. I have, therefore been studying the research to look for a hypothesis that has a potentially exponentially reinforcing feedback loop - which would start very small. I have a good candidate for this now. I will later edit this blog post to put all the references in, but I am now going to write the basic post and come back to that. Many diseases have at the core of them the failure of Stem Cells to properly differentiate. For one disease last year (Osteoporo