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ARW a second story

The link is to a second story in The Telegraph. What I find sad in some many of the cases I see is that the use of the state "hammer" doesn't really help anyone other than possibly government target numbercrunchers.

Obviously I don't see the cases where the system is getting things right, but I worry about how many times the actions taken by the state make things worse.

The evidence in international statistics are that England (and Wales) do particularly badly in terms of child protection. It has taken me a little time to find any comparative statistics, but I do now have them.


moira said…
Yet again someone goes to social services for help and is rewarded by having her family smashed apart.

She made mistakes and went back to husband and now social services seem intent on punishing her for human error and frailities.

They don't seem to realise that the harm they are doing to this child is much greater than what was done in the first place.

Persecution and punishment is the order of the day,whilst SS try to re-unite baby P's mother with her baby whilst born in prison.
Social servies need their heads examining.

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