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Why do cells gradually deteriorate

As part of my work on sleep and health I have been researching why cells deteriorate. There is a lot of good research out there, but I think now it is possible to see a reinforcing vicious circle that is at the core of many deteriorations in health. I think what happens is that an increase in inflammation causes a reduction in NF-κb which causes a reduction in SLC25A1 which reduces the number of citrate carriers which causes the differentiation of stem cells to fail more often and those turn in to senescent cells which then increases inflammation. Obviously those would not be all senescent cells, but I think it would be a substantial proportion. Noting that the Naked Mole Rats don't really have that many it is consistent. Please note that it is the level of NF-κb in the Stem Cells which will be key in setting the state of the Citrate Carrier. I have done a video that looks quickly at this and how people can try to improve their cellular health. Inflammation ꜛ ->NF-κb ꜜ