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Benefits Reform

The issue of Benefits reform is back on the agenda.

Whilst I accept the thesis that the tax and benefits system should act to encourage behaviour that society wishes to see and discourage that which we don't, it also needs to be fair.

They have been tightening up on Disability Benefits recently. That has resulted in some really stupid decisions. One recent one I saw had only temporary disability benefits provided to a man who had had his leg amputated. Clearly someone in the DWP thought the leg would grow back.

It is important to remember that there are real people on the end of the decisions driven by targets in the DWP. Sometimes these things get sorted out, but at other times they don't.

One really cruel policy is to fine people who appeal the removal of disability benefits by reducing their benefits whilst the appeal goes on. That is not just reducing the disability, but reducing Income Support/JSA by 20% below what it is deemed to be necessary to live on.


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