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Brown on Green

Gordon Brown has decisively acted in respect of the Damian Green. He has announced that he will dither until he knows which way the wind is blowing and then jump on the most reliable bandwagon.

It is very sad. This is an issue that should be easy to understand. It relates entirely to the work of an MP. It is something that most successful politicians have been involved in.

If MPs are liable for arrest for being leaked to then that creates a massive problem. OK you might entice someone to leak by buying a pint of beer. Does that really cause a problem.

I really don't think Labour understand what this is about.


Unknown said…
Labour in general (but not all) seem fine with what has happened, I believe this is because they are happy that an MP that embarrassed their government has been in effect had his bottom slapped, whilst forgetting the larger picture.

Even without any further action against Damian the government has achieved something & that is to make MP's think twice before they do something as Damian did.

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