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Election Results 30th July 2009

Results Thursday 30th July 2009 Cheltenham BC, All Saints LD Charlie Stewart 680 (58.2; -0.9) Con 395 (33.8; +0.2) Green 57 (4.9; +0.4) Lab 37 (3.2; +0.3) Majority 285 Turnout 27.1% LD hold Percentage change is since May 2008 Broxtowe BC, Brinsley Con 416 (40.9; +40.9) BNP 288 (28.3; -15.7) LD Stuart William Hosker 224 (22.0; +22.0) Lab 68 (6.7; -22.9) UKIP 21 (2.1; +2.1) [Others (0.0; -26.5)] Majority 128 Turnout not known Con gain from BNP Percentage change is since May 2007 Tameside MBC, Denton North East Lab 1258 (47.8; +2.3) Con 660 (25.1; -11.3) BNP 358 (13.6; +13.6) UKIP 193 (7.3; +7.3) Green 164 (6.2; +6.2) [LD (0.0; -18.2)] Majority 598 Turnout 31.5% Lab hold Percentage change is since May 2008

Swine Flu weekly report

The following is the weekly WM report. It shows both a big jump in consultations, but also the WM being now below average. Introduction This week’s report from NHS West Midlands shows that cases of swine flu continue to spread across the region. It provides information on the spread of swine flu and its impact on the local services as of 29 July 2009. Key Messages Patients presenting at primary care centres with influenza-like symptoms has increased within the health economy over the last week, the PCT reports that this increase is being managed well. Activity /Rates – GPs This shows the number of patients attending primary care with influenza-like illness – taken from the latest Health Protection Agency QSurveillance data (Data from the Royal College of GPs, which samples a number of GP practices). QSurveillance data indicates a significant increase for the week of 23 July, across England, West Midlands and within Birmingham East and North. The reported rate of GP consultations per 10

Swine Flu - its a bit late really

Today we have the story that now we are starting to screen people for Swine Flu on entering the country. This would have been better handled globally some months ago. This is the sort of process where a formula can predict infection rates. I think the rate of infection in the West Midlands has essentially stabilised. We do need to have a good look at the issue of when to screen people and when to try to stop cross infection on the plane. The government's response to me on this issue has been "we did what WHO said". However, other countries have been screening so why not us.

South Korea and Pink Ribbons

The link is to a telegraph story about a form of riot in the South Korean Parliament. It is interesting to compare the situation in South Korea to that in the UK where we don't have formal seats, but I cannot think of anyone tolerating that form of behaviour. It is true that parliament is as described by the irish party in about 1881 as being "lawless" and there is a big problem with Standing Orders and Agenda being in the control of the government. However, parliament needs to maintain the rule of law and the behaviour in South Korea cannot be seen to have any merit.

Burnt Out Cars and Birmingham Politics

This particular example of a car torched in October 2007 is still relevant to Birmingham Politics. The car belonged to Lib Dem Activists. It was torched prior to the Aston Election court which started in November 2007. In the judgment of that trial the commissioner criticised Ayoub Khan - who is our candidate for Ladywood in the General Election and is Cabinet Member for Local Services on Birmingham City Council. A judicial review of that judgment was held. In that judicial review to cut a long story short the judges said it was lawful for the election commissioner to criticise Ayoub because Ayoub inferred that the car was torched by Labour Supporters. He is appealing this judgment. It is one of those things. I personally believe that the car was torched by Labour supporters in an attempt to intimidate witnesses in the Election Court. To that extent I beleive that it succeeded. Neither Ayoub, nor myself have any evidence as to who torched the car, but we have a lot of experience of Bi

Election Results this week

Redcar and Cleveland BC, Dormanstown Eric Howden LD 805 (52.3; +27.2) Lab 515 (33.5; -18.6) BNP 145 (9.4; +9.4) Con 73 (4.7; -18.0) Majority 290 Turnout 29.88% LD gain from Lab Percentage change from 2007 Brighton and Hove City Council, Goldsmid Green 1,456 (38.5; +17.2) Con 1,104 (29.2; +1.1) Lab 816 (21.6; -4.4) Howard Spencer LD 280 (7.4; -7.8) UKIP 129 (3.4; +3.4) [Ind (0.0; -9.5) Majority 352 Turnout 32.85% Green gain from Con Percentage change is since 2007 Stockport MBC, Reddish North Lab 1,218 (49.5; +1.0) Con 403 (16.4; -8.9) UKIP 342 (13.9; +13.9) Norman Beverley LD 303 (12.3; +0.7) BNP 195 (7.9; -6.6) Majority 815 Turnout 23.5% Lab hold Percentage change since 2008 Wellingborough BC, Swanspool Con 548 (46.0; -9.6) Lab 361 (30.3; -14.0) Daniel Jones LD 162 (13.6; +13.6) BNP 120 (10.1; +10.1) Majority 187 Turnout 27.4% Con hold Percentage change since 2007 Brent LBC, Wembley Central Afifa Pervez LD 1,195 (41.3; -5.2) Lab 934 (32.3; -9.0) Con 423 (14.6; +2.4) Ind 240 (8.3; +8.3

Local Swine Flu Update

Although I am not at all a fan of what the government have done in respect of swine flu I am blogging the current report. What it talks about is a "decrease in trend". I am trying to find out what they mean by that. Introduction This week’s report provides information on the spread of swine flu and its impact on the local services Key Messages PCT is meeting the requirements of current demand Activity /Rates – GPs Influenza like illness consultation rates by PCT - 103.4 (per 100,000) – this indicates a decrease in trend. West Midlands average for the week – 105.5 (per 100,000) England and Wales rates for the week 87.8 (per 100,000) Hospital Data BCH Current Inpatient numbers with swine flu – 11 Current number of critical care patients with swine flu symptoms – 0 Deaths in the last week – 0 ED attendances are around 30% higher than usual for time of year. HEFT Current Inpatient numbers with swine flu – 4 Current number of critical care patients with swine flu – 3 Deaths in th

Swine Flu - would a doctor take Tamiflu

The link is to NHS Blog Doc's take on Swine flu. Extracting a bit: I hear there is to be a dedicated "swine flu line". The layman who answers has been "empowered" both to diagnose swine flu and to prescribe Tamiflu. I wish someone would likewise "empower" me. I don't know how to diagnose swine flu. I can prescribe Tamiflu, though as yet I have not. I would not take it, and I would not give it to my family, so why would I prescribe it for patients? What this means is that anyone with any vaguely viral symptom is going to get "treatment" for a condtion they probably do not have with a drug that is next to useless and may have hitherto unexpected side effects. Great! It is going to be worse than resisting the demands for inappropriate antibiotics. Where I have a problem is that we are closing schools and possibly university campuses, people are being prevented from flying out, but the government see nothing wrong with people getting infecte

GSCC Chief Suspended

(Guardian) The chief executive of the organisation responsible for regulating social workers was yesterday suspended over a backlog of cases, including allegations against professionals working with children. Mike Wardle, who has led the General Social Care Council (GSCC) for the last two years, was sent home by the council's governing body while an investigation is held into management of the backlog and failure to act against 22 social workers in cases where there was "ongoing risk of harm". It seems that the log jam of cover-up is starting to break.

Telegraph on RSPCA case

This case is one which we hope to get to the European Court. Basically there is no evidence that warrants keeping the child in care. There is also evidence that being in care is doing her harm. However, the state wishes to keep her in care for further assessments. Wrong.


The link is to a debate on the new WEEE proposals. From an accounting perspective I find it rather sad that the so called cost benefit analyses are basically wrong. From a human perspective I find the obsession with measuring the worth of everything in GBP sad.

Election Results 17th July 2009

Erewash BC, Abbotsford Con 471 (53.4;+2.1) Lab 306 (34.7;-14.0) Peter Aanonson LD 105 (11.9;+11.9) Majority 165 Turnout 23.0% Con hold Warwickshire CC, Arbury and Stockingford Lab 1331 (41.7; +13.5) Con 1079 (33.8;+2.6) BNP 449 (14.1;-10.4) Green 170 (5.3;-10.8) Rachel Field LD 118 (3.7;+3.7) Socialist Alternative 43 (1.3;1.3) Maj 252 Turnout 21.4% Lab gain from Con Derbyshire CC, Kirk Hallam division Lab 1261 (49.9;-15.9) Con 783 (31.0;-3.3) BNP 327 (12.9;12.9) Richard Pyle LD 158 (6.2;+6.2) Majority 478 Turnout 29.2% Lab Hold Percentage changes are since 2005 Wychavon DC, Droitwich Central Ann Gopsill LD 233 (51.1;+9.6) Con 223 (48.9;+17.9) [Lab (0.0;-27.5)] Majority 10 Turnout 22.8% LD hold Percentages calculated since 2007 Party defending seat: LD. Cause: Death. Christine Payne LD 279 (34.4;-1.1) Con 278 (34.3;+4.0) Ind 156 (19.2;-9.9) UKIP 98 (12.1;+12.1) [Lab (0.0;-5.1)] Majority 1 Turnout 25.4% LD hold St Helens BC, Moss Bank David Kent LD 1480 (53.9;-8.6) Lab 1011 (36.8;+8.6) C

By-election result 9th July

Gosport BC, Brockhurst LD Rob Hylands 562 Siobhan Mitchell-Smith 523 (50.3; +2.8) Con 364 / 339 (32.6; -7.0) Green 131 (11.7; +5.6) Lab 60 / 56 (5.4; -1.4) Majorities 198 / 159 Turnout 28.16% LD hold x 2 Percentage change is since May 2008 Lichfield DC, Whittington Con 345 (65.1; -5.1) LD Penny Bennion 185 (34.9; +5.1) Majority 160 Turnout not known Con hold Percentage change is since May 2007 Suffolk Coastal DC, Walberswick and Wenhaston Con 316 (66.0; -6.1) Green 163 (34.0; +34.0) [Lab (0.0; -27.9)] Majority 153 Turnout 30.5% Con hold Percentage change is since May 2007 Party defending seat: Con. Cause: Resignation.

Reactive Attachment Disorder

One thing that concerns me is the failure to recognise that it is the way that children are treated in care that gives rise to many of the problems they face in later life. The DCSF Select Committee saw the system in Denmark which is so very different both in the way it treats families and is so much better in terms of outcomes. However, although it is obvious from this that whatever may happen to children before the state gets involved the outcomes could be far better, this is not generally recognised. The increase in the number of failed adoptions recognised in the attached artice in The Times and also on More 4 tonight is from an increase in inappropriate adoption decisions as well as more reactive attachment disorder from the treatment of babies in part by birth parents and in part by the care system.

Acocks Green Mecca Bingo - campaigning about unfair taxation

This is about the fact that bingo uniquely pays 22% tax rather than the normal 15% for other forms of gambling including online bingo.