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Irish Supreme Court judgment on Hague Convention and adoption in England.

The link is to the judgment of the Irish Supreme Court on matters relating to the Hague Convention and adoption. A number of parents have won legal cases in Ireland which prevented their children being returned to England and placed in care on the basis that this would lead to adoption. This case was an interesting one because the children were not actually in care or even subject to a care order, but that care proceedings were "pending". (Viz an application had been made to court.) The first test in international public family law is one as to which country has jurisdiction. This is based on "habitual residence". It is now clearly the case that if court proceedings have started in England then the habitual residence is accepted as being in England even if the family have moved to Ireland. The case has also looked at the question as to whether non-Irish citizens have Irish Constitutional Rights, but without resolving the issue in any way. The judgment is a long

Florence wins Radio Prize

See the link for the website dealing with Florence Bellone's winning of the reporting prize for reporting on the English Family Courts scandal. Quoting from the website: Title of the article Great Britain: The Stolen Children Name of media RTBF The Grand Jury distinguished the report for its investigative merit in highlighting a human rights issue occurring in a highly-developed European Member State. The piece was characterised as ‘a technically impressive, investigative report into shocking and relatively unknown human rights violations’.

Vicky Haigh - imprisoned for 3 years for saying hello

The link is to a story behind the paywall of the Sunday Times relating to Friday's jailing at around 4pm of Vicky Haigh for 3 years. On the way to the meeting in London (at which she asked a question of Anthony Douglas which was one of the reasons for which Doncaster MDC tried to have her imprisoned) she saw her daughter and went to say hello. At a time at which the press would not ordinarily be there on Friday she was given 3 years. Doesn't seem right to me. It remains that she has not yet managed to appeal the original family court decisions mainly because the solicitors are holding onto the file. It is also the case that the promised publication of various documents by the authories promised earlier this year has not happened. I suppose keeping her in jail will make it even harder for her to challenge the original decision.

Films of Birmingham in the past

There is a youtube channel Idowish12 which includes a lot of films of Birmingham's past. For example: and

CTB and Imogen Thomas

The CTB v Imogen Thomas case raises a number of constitutional concerns about the accountability and reliability of secret justice. On 20th May 2011 the Neuberger Committee reported on secret justice clarifying what should happen. These procedures were not followed (in this case) on a number of occasions. On 2nd November 2011 there was a hearing which was not even listed. On 11th November 2011 the press were excluded without explanation. On 25th November 2011 there was a hearing with a decision for which no judgment was given until yesterday. The court should have clearly discharged the original injunction some months ago. The key issue, however, is that Secret Justice leads to miscarriages of justice. Secret Justice often means No Justice. In this case it is still unclear whether Imogen Thomas would have been able to prove her case had CTB not been named in parliament. What is clear is that the original injunction would have prevented Imogen Thomas’s lawyers from doing nec

Hollande commits to renegotiate new european treaty

I noticed in Le Monde over breakfast this morning that the Socialist candidate for France's presidential elections has said he will renegotiate the treaty. I have found the story in the online version of the newspaper and that is the link. When I told the Minister for Europe of this I was informed that it was on Radio 4 this morning.

Updated express story

The express story has been updated to include more than was in the printed story. It now includes the following comments from the British Association of Social Workers: Nishra Mansuri, of the British Association of Social Workers, recognised the whistleblower’s comments and said: “It’s a major concern. The cuts are creating so much pressure for social workers that the right decisions are not being taken. “We’re storing up so many problems, but the odds are against us.”

Whistleblower reveals truth about Childrens Service management

The link is to a story in today's Sunday Express about how misleading reports and psychobabble are used to destroy families. This is an extract: The whistleblower, a father who works for a large authority in the south of England, said: “We’re being pressured to go against what we think is right for families. “Personally, I’ve written reports and been told ‘You are too positive with this family. We’ll never get it to court unless you make it more negative’. “Although it goes against what you feel is right, you feel under an obligation.” He went on: “In order to get a child through to a child protection conference, we’re told to make the situation look bad, and worse than it actually is. “We don’t necessarily make things up but we can change the emphasis.” He said these reports were used to take children out of a family home and in many cases placed for adoption. “It destroys families, but the newer, younger social workers see this as the norm, they just want to toe the line with th

Europe and the Media - Cameron's Veto

A number of journalists have phoned me to ask my view as to the use of the veto. I think Cameron was right to use the veto on changes to the treaties. It is entirely right that the 17 Eurozone countries resolve how to get greater fiscal unity which is essential for the success of the Euro and consequential success of the UK. However, that does not mean that we have to sign up to that. We should not try to stand in their way and prevent them resolving their difficulties. However, it is not surprising that unanimity amongst the 27 EU states is difficult to achieve. When I tell the media this strangely enough they are not interested in interviewing me. The story they are looking for is "coalition in trouble over veto". I am not surprised at the editorial approach, however. The party is saying that he did not use a "veto". I suppose a "veto" is technically different to not agreeing something that needs unanimity. However, the effect is the same.

Skiing Holidays and PMQs

I wondered if Hansard had corrected what I thought was Ed Milliband's error at PMQs when he said: the dinner lady, the cleaner or the nurse, people who earn in a week what the Chancellor pays for his annual skiing holiday Indeed they have stuck with what he said. Perhaps it wasn't a mistake and he thinks that cleaners earn £11K per week.