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Results: Thursday 25th September 2008.

Camden LBC, Hampstead Town LD Linda Chung 1242 (44.1; +11.5) Con 1114 (39.6; -6.9) Lab 289 (10.3; -1.0) Green 140 (5.0; -3.3) BNP 29 (1.0; +1.0) [Ind (0.0; -1.3)] Majority 128 Turnout 36.7% LD gain from Con Percentage change is since May 2006 Chiltern DC, Chalfont St Giles Con 927 (68.1; +0.6) LD Paul Meakin 434 (31.9; -0.6) Majority 493 Turnout 25.4% Con hold Percentage change is since May 2007 Greenwich LBC, Plumstead Lab 1318 (59.1; +12.4) Con 542 (24.3; +1.5) LD Leonie Barron 195 (8.7; -10.6) Green 175 (7.8; +7.8) [Ind (0.0; -11.2)] Majority 776 Turnout 21.5% Lab hold Percentage change is since May 2006 Stevenage BC, Pin Green Lab 716 (54.4; +6.9) Con 321 (24.4; -5.1) LD Gordon Knight 112 (8.5; -2.8) UKIP 85 (6.5; +6.5) Free England 81 (6.2; -5.4) Majority 395 Turnout not known Lab hold Percentage change is since May 2008 Swale BC, Minster Cliffs Con 549 (48.0; +1.6) Sheppey First 328 (28.7; +28.7) Lab 204 (17.8; +1.8) LD Dave Manning 63 (5.5; -25.9) [The official Monster Raving Lo

Gordon's Housing Bubble is Bursting

The link is to Norman Lamont's article about the Government's Economic Policy. I always wondered why there was such a treasury constraint on the building of housing for rent through Social Landlords. I had this theory that it could be as a consequence of trying to push up house prices through scarcity of resource. In any event having a policy based upon equity withdrawal and ever increasing house prices to drive the economy was always unsustainable. We are now starting to have to deal with the consequences of this. The figures of 90-100bn for PSBR are very high indeed. I haven't yet seen a breakdown of this, but it would be interesting to see one. I shall try to post such a breakdown if I find one.

Election Results: Thursday 18th September 2008.

Glasgow City UA, Baillieston SNP 2318 (45.3, +12.1) Lab 2167 (42.3, -3.7) Con 259 (5.1,-1.4) LD David Jackson 159 (3.1,-0.7) BNP 73 (1.4,+1.4) SSP 58 (1.1,-5.6) Green 45 (0.9,-0.8) Ind 43 (0.8,-1.3) Turnout 22.7% SNP hold The election was held under the AV system and the winner was elected at the 9th stage. Percentage change are on 1st preferences since May 2007 when the ward elected 2 Labour and 2 SNP councillors. Leeds City MBC, Farnley and Wortley Green 1183 (27.1, -17.5) LD Rosie Spencer 1151 (26.3, +22.2) Lab 1009 (23.1, +1.1) BNP 556 (12.7,-1.1) Con 428 (9.8, -5.2) Ind 45 (1.0, -0.5) Majority 32 Turnout 24.8% Green hold Percentage change is since May 2008 Pembrokeshire UA, St Dogmaels Ind 496 (55.7, +17.4) LD Elfyn Rees 177 (19.9, -41.8) Ind 160 (18.0, -20.3) Con 57 (6.4, +6.4) Majority 319 Turnout 49.3% Ind gain from LD Percentage change is since May 2008 Rothwell TC, Trinity Con 477 (52.5%) Lab 373 (41.0%) LD Daniel Garside 59 (6.5%) Majority 104 Turnout 31.0% Conservative h

Standing Orders and Labour Leadership

When it comes to attempted coups within parties the standing orders are key. Generally things have been tightened up in all parties to make challenging the leader harder. It was recently explained to me, but I have not confirmed this, that Labour's standing orders effectively permit the Cabinet to remove the leader. Hence it would be surprising for any cabinet minister to call for this publicly (and be sacked) because they would then be unable to participate in the coup.

RAB v MIB conflict between Scottish and English Jurdisdictions

The link is to a Scottish Appeal about a case where someone took a child to England from Scotland and an English Family Court decided unlawfully to take jurisdiction. It is symptomatic of the way in which some English and Welsh Family Courts do not follow proper procedure and yet the system basically tolerates this. I have even seen a case where a couple were divorced without the husband being told. Note importantly in 6. Despite the length and complexity of those proceedings, it may be noted that there has never been any hearing in England in which evidence respecting the substantive issues concerning the welfare of the child has been heard. This is the Court of Appeal judgment from 2004

Election Results: Thursday 11th September 2008.

Guildford BC, Stoke LD Zoe Franklin 864 (56.0; +3.0) Con 410 (26.6; +7.6) Lab 211 (13.7; -14.4) UKIP 59 (3.8; +3.8) Majority 454 Turnout not known LD hold Percentage change is since May 2007 Harrogate BC, New Park LD Matthew Webber 843 (61.1; -14.2) Con 491 (35.6; +20.9) Lab 45 (3.3; +3.3) [UKIP (0.0; -3.6)] [BNP (0.0; -6.4)] Majority 352 Turnout 33.7% LD hold Percentage change is since May 2007 Redcar and Cleveland UA, Guisborough Con 1124 (55.9; +13.5) Lab 887 (44.1; -0.8) [LD (0.0; -12.7)] Majority 237 Turnout 34.4% Con hold Percentage change is since May 2007 Okehampton TC, East Town Con 452 (50.8) LD Jackie Reynolds 437 (49.2) Majority 15 Turnout 32.4% Con gain from Ind Stowmarket TC Con 330 (40.0) LD Nicky Turner 246 (29.8) Green 156 (18.9) Lab 93 (11.3) Majority 84 Turnout 13.5% Con hold

Free Markets and Energy Supplies (The Weather Again)

The government are now facing the consequences of a total free market in Energy. The difficulty lies in moving from a buyers market to a sellers market. Those people lucky enough to have stocks of fossil fuels make large sums of money through serendipity rather than inventiveness. I will be waiting to see the Winter Outlook reports before coming to any conclusions as to what might happen this winter. If, however, the weather is as cool compared to normal as it has been in August then we are likely to face supply challenges. However, recent winters have been quite warm so it may not be any difficulty.

Kingsnorth Verdict

The Kingsnorth verdict shows the need for juries. This prosecution was a vindictive prosectution about political campaigning. It is the second time Greenpeace have used the lawful excuse argument about a protest. I don't think it is a general permission to put graffiti all over the place or do real damage to a power station that stops it working (for example). However, it is a shot across the bows of an intolerant government.

Catz Club - the real issue

The link is to the report on the Charities Commission website about the repayment of the Catz Club's £15,000. Much less money that Bernie Ecclestone's "loan" of £1m. From the report: Findings The Charity confirmed that it had issued a cheque for a general donation of £7,500 to the Labour Party. However, it explained that ‘the payment to the Labour Party was an administrative error’. The Charity had contacted the Labour Party who had agreed to reimburse the Charity’s donation. The Charity advised that the donation should have been made by the trading subsidiary, Catz Club Services Limited (“the trading subsidiary”). Our enquiries identified that Catz Club Services Limited was the Charity’s trading subsidiary company. The Commission made clear to the Charity that as the trading subsidiary was a charitable asset owned by the Charity, it was therefore not permissible for the trading subsidiary to make a donation to the Labour Party either. The Charity advised that in

Bingo and Prize Winning Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

I attended the Acocks Green Branch of Mecca Bingo today to launch their energy efficiency campaign. Together with Southern Electricity they are offering 2 energy efficient lightbulbs to everyone who turns up. Of the 2 million lightbulbs 10 win extra prizes of either a car or £1,000. Those lightbulbs are identified by the fact that they go green when plugged in.

Results: Thursday 4th September 2008

Barrow in Furness BC, Newbarns Con 478 (52.3; +9.4) Lab 177 (19.4; -1.7) Peoples Party (Furness) 155 (17.0; +17.0) BNP 104 (11.4; +11.4) [Ind (0.0; -36.0)] Majority 301 Turnout 21.9% Con hold Percentage change is since May 2008 Harborough DC, Broughton Astley – Broughton Conservative elected unopposed Con hold [Result in May 2007 – Con 447 (65.3) Ind 238 (34.7)] Havant DC, Waterloo Con 849 (48.7; -21.5) LD Fred Dunford 801 (45.9; +26.6) Lab 95 (5.4; -5.1) Majority 48 Turnout 23.2% Con hold Percentage change is since May 2008 Melton BC, Melton Egerton Lab 314 (43.2; -4.8) BNP 236 (32.5; +4.5) Con 177 (24.3; +0.3) Majority 78 Turnout 26.3% Lab hold Percentage change is since May 2007 Stocksbridge TC, East Con 422 (46.7) LD Keith Davis 369 (40.9) Lab 112 (12.4) Majority 53 Turnout 30.0% Con gain from Ind Further Result from Thursday 28-8-08 Crewkerne TC, LD Robin Pailthorpe 1317 (59.7) Con 814 (36.9) Lab 75 (3.4) Majority 503 Turnout 38.6% LD hold

Emigrating to avoid forced adoption (Sam Thomas)

I have linked to the story about Sam Thomas in the Daily Mail. is a web log written by a Social Worker who comments on this issue. Pregnant Sam Thomas emigrated to Ireland a couple of weeks ago because she and her mother (Carol Hughes) were concerned that the local authority (in this case Somerset) were set on taking the newborn baby into care and that this would be likely to result in the baby being given to another family and them banned from seeing it again. It is worth looking at a few facts in respect of this case. At the time Sam emigrated there had not been a case conference. However, one was held on Monday (1/9) which resulted in a decision by the local authority that the unborn baby should be placed on the child protection register. This means that the LA believe that the baby faces a "risk of significant harm". This implies that they will initiate care proceedings when the baby is born. There is then the question as to what th