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Cortisol Awakening Response and Melatonin

The Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) is managed by the HPA axis and is the process which makes people wake up in the morning so they can get on with the day. At times this happens during the night and can be a real nuisance as people cannot get back to sleep. It is possible using a small amount of Aspirin to disable the CAR (stop the CAR), but that then has knock on effecs on sleep for the next night because of the way Cycoloxegenase-1 reeables (over 36 hours). I am now working on a hypothesis that Melatonin actually tees up the CAR. Hence if you take a large amount of melatonin at say 0.30am you would expect a CAR type of cortisol response about 90 mins later. This is useful as it indicates that larger amounts of melatonin should only be taken in the 2-3 hours before you actually want your CAR to start. (Educational information not medical advice - talk to a healthcare practitioner and this may not work for everyone). It is also possible to stop the CAR with a small dose of A
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Debugging the Metabolism

Quite a few people know I have been putting some effort into debugging my metabolism. This in many ways is medical research where N=1, but actually is different to most medical research. Rather an apply a protocol for a period of weeks or months and measure the results I apply different protocols almost on a daily basis. I do, of course, measure the results. However, rather than experimenting with one protocol this enables me to try lots of different protocols. On my youtube channel I then aim to publish short videos with my conclusions. Recently, for example, I have experimented with Ketone Ester to see whether the GABAergic impact of the ketone is more or less influential than the increased energy available to neurons and experimented with acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) to see if I can prevent the Cortisol Awakening Response from keeping me awake during the night by disabling the Cycoloxegenase-1 enzyme whilst re-enabling the enzyme sufficiently to create adenosine and Melatonin

Melatonin - a route towards improved cellular health (reversing cellular aging)

I have recently done another video about Melatonin. On my blog entry about insomnia I go into some links relating to Melatonin. It is clear, however, that Melatonin is a key for reducing the decay that occurs in cells. At the moment I am trying to set up a trial into the use of melatonin for improving cellular health reversing the entropic decay that occurs over time (cellular aging). If anyone is interested in participating in such a trial they should email me. melatonin site

Victory in the United Nations on Birmingham Green Waste Case

Many people remember the saga in the past about Green Waste. I took a court case out against the City Council and the City Cleared up the waste, but the court decided to award costs against me. I took this through an appeal in the Admin Court and a second appeal in the Court of Appeal (both of which I lost). I then took it to the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee where this week I won. The details are here: It is quite significant as it requires the UK to change its procedures so that people can safely challenge public authorities on environmental issues without worrying about being hit by a hefty costs bill. The fact is that there were two other people hit by this in the UK and it had shut down one local environmental charity because of the impact.

A review of recent hospital admissions for Covid 19

Taking the figures on 8th June vs 1st June we have: Area 1st 8th England 115 147 East 7 6 London 29 20 Midlands 18 40 North East 17 18 North West 31 43 South East 10 13 South West 3 7 The North west shows a more general recent growth. The figures by trust are only up to 6th June not 8th June. They do show a recent wave of admissions in Bolton peaking at 14 people on 25th May. Manchester also had a peak of admissions on 5th June at 18. Otherwise nationally there have been double digit admissions in the week to 6th June in East Lancashire and Bedfordshire. Both of those, however, reduced from the prior week. Hence the recent growth does appear to be quite localised. However, as the government do not release the figures by trust more frequently than weekly it is difficult to tell precisely what is going on.

Valerian - does it work (the answer appears to be probably)

Valerian for sleep: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2006 - "The available evidence suggests that valerian might improve sleep quality without producing side effects. Future studies should assess a range of doses of standardized preparations of valerian and include standard measures of sleep quality and safety." Valerian for sleep: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2010 - The AMED and MEDLINE databases were searched for primary sources of literature published between 1950 and 2009, using keywords: herbal medicine, medicinal plants, herbal, Valeriana officinalis, valerian, Humulus lupulus, hops, sleep, insomnia. Studies were included if they evaluated the efficacy of valerian or hops in improving primary insomnia in adults: sixteen studies met the inclusion criteria. Twelve of these found that the use of valerian, on its own, or in combination with hops, is associated with improvements in some sleep parameters (eg. sleep latency and quality of sleep). However, th

NHS Trust Analysis to 14th Feb 2021

Data last date 14/2/2021 This table reports admissions into hospital trusts for covid in the order of the number of admissions in the last available week compared to the total number of admissions. The idea is to highlight those trusts which are having a high level of admissions that has grown in the past two weeks. Some trusts serve areas where there is a high level of immunity and hence few people being infected. However, some patients are being redirected to other hospitals and we don't necessarily see the same low level of admissions. Total admissions Admissions Last Week Admissions Prior Week Admissions Fortnight first wave Compare last two weeks Percentage of total in last week Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust 188 16 4 25 Growing 8.5 Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust 253 15 9 15 Growing 5.9 East London NHS Foundation Trust 396 23 6 43 Growing 5.8 Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust 689 36 33 64 Growing 5.2 Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children