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Fisetin Quercetin and Sleep

I think over time people will expect, of course, to take some form of Senolytic to clear out zombie cells. Senescent cells are cells which are the living dead of the body. They are not healthy enough to function, but they are also not ill enough to actually die off. Ideally the immune system will clear them out and although they are sterile they often send out inflammatory markers and create one of the major burdens of the bodys immune system. This inflammation puts a load on the body which depletes levels of NAD which then has a reinforcing effect in that the body has less energy to clear them out and they are more likely to be created. Senolytics like Fisetin and Quercetin are molecules (those two are from plants such as Strawberries - Fisetin) which make it more likely that the body will clear out the zombie cells. I have recently done some experimentation with both of them. I have concluded that Fisetin can have a side effect of harming sleep. The pattern it creates is one