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Homes for Lambeth Scandal Reveals Labour Failures and Concerns About Executive Paul Simpson

I came across this story written by a friend about a national scandal that I consider raises issues of concern about the provision of housing for vulnerable groups and Labour failures. According to a report by independent peer Lord Kerslake, "The Kerslake Review", Labour controlled Lambeth council has wasted £25 million funding a failed private housing company, Homes for Lambeth. Worse, it appears at least one senior executive on a choice salary, Paul Simpson, was a former Labour Party staffer who made a career jump from one-man-band communications consultant to Head of Communications and Operations. Simpson's extensive LinkedIn profile takes credit for a number of areas which Kerslake said were failing. The author, Sam Smith of Matthew Hopkins News has written a lengthy and careful in-depth article . As well as raising the Kerslake Review, he raised historic issues since he worked with Simpson many years ago, which of course only he knows about, but which are consisten