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Respect Splits

With Galloway changing the locks on the office it appears that his faction has de facto control of the National HQ. (see link for Story in Independent).

Officially the party is called "Respect - The Unity Coalition". It has a number of election names:
Respect (George Galloway)
Respect - Homes For All
Respect - Peace, Justice, Equality
Respect - People Not Profit
Respect - Save The NHS

Offically at the election commission, however, the key roles are:
Leader: Ms Linda Smith
Nominating Officer: Ms Linda Smith
Treasurer: Ms Elaine Graham-Leigh

So it appears that Linda Smith has de facto control on candidates. I have now been told she is in the galloway faction.

The Website is controlled by the not George Galloway faction.

I presume that Birmingham's group are in the Galloway faction.


Matt Sellwood said…
Linda Smith is in the Galloway faction...

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