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Fran Lyon on "This Morning" - ITV

The link is to Fran's story on "This Morning".

Denise Robertson said:"I was scared because it seemed so cold so remorseless. I can't understand why the public are not rising up about what is going on. We know this is happening. We have talked about it. Fran's an example. The message that is going out there to young girls is "do not tell" because it will be held against you.

"I cannot understand why people are not getting behind John Hemming's campaign. We have had so much sympathy, quite rightly, for the McCanns, but I cannot see the difference between a child being abducted by a stranger and being abducted by the state. To me the loss, the pain is identical.

"I think that the family court always without exception takes the word of social services and rubber stamps what is put in front of them. On this programme some while ago I appealed to hear from someone who had been to the family court who had had the situation reversed to write to me I have not had one letter yet i have had letters piled like this from people in the same position but are gagged because the baby's in the world. Once the baby's in the world we can't help her because there will be a gag put on her and even when people write to me they are breaking the law. This cannot be right. This is acountry where you are innocent until proven guilty and I cannot undersatnd why mothers and grandmothers with their babies on their knees are not saying that we have to write to our MP we have to write to a newspaper.

"Some babies must be taken away because it is right and proper.

"I've got a grandmother in touch with me at the moment who she has been allowed to adopt the three older children who are tots, the pretty blond baby is going to be adopted. Why she is either fit to take them or she isn't. She wants to keep her family together. She is either a fit person or she is not. To say she is fit for the ones she might have difficulty in adopting, but this one she isn't fit to look after. That can't be right. "


Anonymous said…
Denise Robinson is right - 10 years of campaigning about this, 10 years of being ignored and I will say what I always say to the parents who come to me because they need help and ask "why me?"

"Why me?" Because when it was happening to somebody else you turned a blind eye!

And that is apathetic Britain.
moira said…
When Denise says why don't more mothers with babies on their laps take note.Maybe its because they have got their babies that they don't care about others.

Also there are many people out there that think social services are in always in the right,and always do whats in the best interests of the child.That there must be a sinister reason why people like Fran etc are under threat of losing a child. I find this attitude quite common from people that have no experience of SS.

It doesn't help when people can't publish their experiences of the courts and childrens services.

Lord Falconer is ready to sue Brown over his huge pension and that toerag has made sure this system will continue.

there are so many unfeeling people in this system and I wonder how they sleep at night.
Unknown said…
Secret family courts at it again?.....or perhaps still at it. Social workers under pressure from their managers to meet targets, keep parents with money who want to adopt happy and to keep foster carers in a job. Foster carers with no children to foster will have to get a real job.

Parents who don't want to look after children will give them away. Parents who want to keep their children should not be forced to accept child removal.

Family courts are now way to scared to open up because as soon as the public know the truth, Judges and social workers will become public targets.

I hope the do-gooders thinking they are helping, experience the loss that parents feel to allow them to know that their do-gooder intention is warped and WRONG.

Parents should be offered help and support. Courts should NOT be involved unless it's a criminal court with a jury.
missemmag said…
My niece put her daughter in to care as she felt she wasn't fit enough at the time to care for her. She was told she could take her home at any time. since then she has been to a phsyciatrist, got herself a flat and done everything else asked of her in order to get her daughter back. but the social services are trying to have her child addopted and she is facing a court hearing. she feels like there's no more she can do and is helpless in getting her daughter back home. Even the foster parents are suprised that this has went on so long (almost 2 years) any suggestions for help would be very appreciated. Emma, Glasgow (my niece lives in England)
John Hemming said…
You need to email me about this on

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