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Another sad death from child abuse in Essex

Lets be entirely clear. This mixed race child was known to the authorities and left with its parents who were crack addicts. This would be a logical consequences of a skewed gateway procedure that concentrates on taking into care the more adoptible children. The budgetary limits on care proceedings mean that this skews the threshold.

This happened in Essex.


moira said…
I am sure another serious case review will say that the council could not have forseen this death.

You can be sure that some of these workers are so incompetent that they would not have the sense needed to put two and two together.
that a baby given crack and covered head to foot in baby talc to cover bruises would not be at risk of any serious injury or death!!

No doubt Gornell will be able to put together another article to explain this away and exonerate the workers.While the general public scratch their heads at such gross negligence.

Compare this to the solicitor who loved his child so much he fled,and his wife simply had an illness called depression.Which millions of us have had and got better.They risk losing a child for mismanagement of their case.

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