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Labour's vote buying on Newsnight

Newsnight's reporter did an excellent job in obtaining usable evidence that Labour candidates have continued buying votes. The advantage of buying postal votes is that it is easier to check that people have voted for the party's candidate. It is possible for people to show their ballots in the polling station.

They were paying about £15 a vote in 2004 and hence an increase to £20 per vote is only slightly in front of inflation.

What would be particularly interesting would be to trace how they get the money to pay for the votes. That investigation sadly is unlikely to happen.


Chris Paul said…
Is it not a fact John that as Mr Crick said in his piece two or three times as many Libs have been done for election fraud as Labs?

You might have at least put that in as an aside.

You know"
"They say people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, but ..."
John Hemming said…
When there is so much proven Labour vote fraud in Birmingham it asks why no Labour councillors have been prosecuted.
Mountjoy said…
The report also indicated that people were allegedly threatened with violence by Labour party activists. That's why there have been no prosectutions - whereas these criminals should be locked for their affront to our democracy.

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