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Vote fraud (in Kenya)

The above video is a good one for pointing out ballot box stuffing. We should not pretend that this sort of thing doesn't happen in the UK. One interesting thing about elections in Birmingham is that some polling stations have presiding officers working for the Labour Party. This may sound surprising given that the council is now run by a non-Labour partnership. However, it developed during Labour's control of the authority and is taking some sorting out.

Remember that 4,000 people's votes were defrauded by Labour in the Bordesley Green Ward in 2004. Totally unacceptable.

Labour must not be allowed anywhere close to power in Birmingham until they give up fiddling elections.


Glyn Wintle said…
The problems observed at the English and Scottish elections in May 2007 really scared me. The fact that they used e-voting and e-counting in some areas ignoring all the problems there has been else where in the world was scary.
The Open Rights Groups election observers report
stated that they could not express confidence in the results for areas observed.
Bob Piper said…
I trust you were equally scathing about Hackney where 3 Liberal Democrats were jailed for fiddling votes?

No, of course you wouldn't be because with your typical liberal democrat smear tactics you imply that EVERY Labour person fiddles votes on the basis of some allegations... but when the liberal democrats are caught fiddling it must be just corrupt individuals.

You have the morals of the alley cat and standards to match.
John Hemming said…
What is unusual in Birmingham is the quantity of postal votes defrauded although Leeds had similarities and also that labour activists were running polling stations.

Of course not all the Labour Party fiddles elections, but it was an accepted pattern of behaviour in Birmingham.

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