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Thank you "liberal england"

Liberal England have kindly awarded me the accolade of "campaign of the year" for my campaigning for justice for families.

My test of a campaign is to what extent things change as a result. I am aware of some changes we have achieved, but we have a long way to go.


escape said…
You are so right, many many more changes need to happen. I have been shocked at the amount of wrongdoings and corruption in the family courts. Little by little we are unearthing where its going wrong, its not just the government its the staff who have been running the system for the past 40 odd years that are to blame and are still running the same system regardless of who runs government, getting Labour in only made it easier for them to cover it up as Labour have'nt got the brains to see whats happening, they think ok lets chuck some money into it that will make it better, the only thing to get better is the bank accounts of thoes who wee corrupt in the first place. what loosers, only its us joe bloggs who are loosing. I think the new Lib dem slogan coiuld be "Give us a chance, what eles have you got left to loose"


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