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Another horse bolts and the stable door starts closing

The linked story is about more lost disks. The government admitted during the week that they had not acted to stop data losses. There needs to be a ministerial signature for any more disk transfers. Then we know who gets sacked if disks get lost.


moira said…
Is it no wonder that a children's organisation is worried about the upcoming child database.

How many children's details will be lost as the Gov don't seem competent in any area.
Don'tQuoteMe said…
In an era of Identity Fraud, it beggars belief that neither set of data loss was encrypted.

What really upsets me, is that even after they've lost unencrypted bank account details for half the country.
They send out 8 million letters to say sorry.

What wrong with that?
The "sorry" letters contained bank account details, names, address and the names of their children.

Another 8 million letters that can be used for Identity Fraud.

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