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Sad case in Bristol

The link is to a story about a sad case in Bristol where a young baby was hurt by his birth parents. What mystifies me about this is that it went on over a period of 50 days. That is when there should be at a minimum a health visitor visiting.

It explains a good reason why we need to open up the work of the safeguarding boards to scrutiny.

Since prior to the Climbie case the decisionmaking process in child protection has been skewed. If we are going to get it right we need to know where it is going wrong.


moira said…
In this area you are supposed to take your baby to the clinic to be weighed,every couple of weeks.

Surely surgeries should know of babies born in the area and do a courtesy call.

Note that Dan Norris MP says this is why social work training should be excellent.

It is not just the training to blame,it is staff that are too incompetent to absorb the training.

The candidates they pick to be trained should also be excellent and not people whos lack of judgment and sense,means they miss glaring obvious signs of abuse.

The standard of people entering social work is dire.

In fact it leads one to believe they are only entering the profession as they are guaranteed a job,as SS will take anyone.

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