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Jobs for long term unemployed and people with disabilities

The link is to Hansard where I have made progress with the idea of requirign those people contracting to supply services to the government to take on some long term unemployed and some people with disabilities.

John Hemming (Birmingham, Yardley, Liberal Democrat)

I congratulate the Secretary of State on the proposals for the universal credit, which will make it worth being in work. As well as trying to fit people to jobs, will he consider trying to fit jobs to people by using the Government's contracting power to require that there be some jobs for the long-term unemployed and some jobs for people with disabilities?

Iain Duncan Smith (Secretary of State, Work and Pensions; Chingford and Woodford Green, Conservative)

We will certainly ensure that we look at that suggestion.


time said…
It is not fair to turf people off sick benefits saying they can do this and that when employers will discriminate anyway and choose the fittest person for the job. ie a person with lengthy health record just gets cv thrown in bin.

It is ok saying that it will get people off benefits and into work but in reality it will just mean people are on jobseekers for years and end up losing homes due to long term poverty.

The government needs to find some way to get employment for these people. It sure isnt going to come from employers who choose healthy fit Poles who can work like dogs.
georgek said…
Good luck with that. From what I know if him, I would expect IDS to be sympathetic, but I'm sure there'll be powerful people who'll try to block it.

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