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Results: Thursday 8th January 2009.

Enfield LBC, Bush Hill Park
Con 1320 (63.4; +25.4)
Lab 413 (19.8; +6.7)
LD Paul Smith 129 (6.2; -3.0)
UKIP 123 (5.9; +0.9)
Green 97 (4.7; -5.5)
[Save Chase Farm (0.0; -24.4)]
Majority 907
Turnout 20.5%
Con hold
Percentage change is since May 2006.

Hull City UA, Drypool
LD Linda Chambers 1306 (52.3; -11.6)
Lab 891 (35.7; +7.9)
National Front 184 (7.4; +7.4)
Con 117 (4.7; -3.7)
Majority 415
Turnout 26.7%
LD hold (Andy Sloan was elected LD in 2006 but subsequently defected to Conservatives and later resigned.)
Percentage change is since May 2008.

Further result from 18th December 2008.

East Northamptonshire DC, Thrapston Lakes
Con 475 (63.0; +3.5)
Lab 168 (22.3; +22.3)
UKIP 111 (14.7; -25.8)
Majority 307
Turnout 22.4%
Con hold
Percentage change is since May 2007.


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