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Gaza, Geneva Convention 1949 and War Crimes - reference to International Criminal Court

It appears that the lessons learnt at the end of the 1800s with the Hague Conventions and the 1949 Geneva Conventions have been forgotten in Gaza. Much that the rockets should not have been fired on Israel, Israel's actions in Gaza in that they are resulting in the unnecessary deaths of non-combatants are in clear contravention of the 1949 Geneva Convention. Those firing rockets were also in contravention.

To that extent, therefore, I will be working with Councillor Ayoub Khan (a barrister) to produce a reference to the International Criminal Court to have this particular conflict investigated.

We will need to have one of the 108 signatories to the ICC make the formal reference. We will start by asking the UK to make this reference, but if the UK refuses we will look for another.


Unknown said…
I hope you are prosecuting Hamas for DELIBERATELY firing 10,000rockets at civilians for the last 8 years. I hope you are prosecuting Hamas for refusing the Red Cross access to Gilad Shalit. I hope you are prosecuting Hamas for kidnapping Gilad Shalit from Israel.
Otherwise I would think you are ignoring one side in an effort to chase Muslim votes.
John Hemming said…
Which is why I refer to "the conflict" rather than just one side to the conflict.
Unknown said…
Do you think only Muslims want the Israeli aggression to end? If so you are mistaken.

What the Israelis are doing is using excessive force without one iota of thought given to civilians especially children, they are also causing suffering to many, more so than usual, Israel is suppose to be the good guy, Hamas the terrorist organization, however Israel is worse.

What Israel has done in this war is to severely damage their image.
Suzanne H said…
Thankyou John for speaking out against the war crimes in Gaza. I think an investigation is definitely in order, not only to deliver justice, but to combat the media soundbites which portray this conflict as a war between two equal sides, and neglect to mention the inability of the Gazan civilian population to defend themselves or to escape from the attacks, never mind the devastating humanitarian crisis which has been unfolding in the last 18 months due to the (illegal) Israeli blockade.
Suzanne H said…
Sorry, I forgot to say, I was pleasantly surprised as I was on your site looking for info on peak oil!

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