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Yahoo vs Google

I find it interesting where items appear in the Yahoo search engine vis-a-vis the Google search engine. For some reason Yahoo has me at number 3 for hhctrl.ocx whereas as far as Google is concerned my blog is not in the top 100.

Still back to the printing now.

[later the same day]
The answer is that the Google search updated later. I end up as item 7 on the Google Search. This has driven my hit rate up to even more than when I declared as a temporary candidate for Lib Dem Leader.

It is normally odd bits of (especially public) Family Law that drive up the hit rate. My tracker cannot tell when things kicked off, but lots of people are suffering from the hhctrl.ocx problem which is higher up on google on my blog than the page that solves the problem - which being a helpful Member of Parliament I do link to.


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