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Don't Adopt These Children

The link is to a list of children (with photos) where there is a dispute with the system as to whether or not they should be adopted.

It is important to remember the European Court case of PC and S where it was found that a baby should not have been taken off its parents. However, by the time this had happened the baby had been adopted.

There are many many absurd cases going through the family courts where essentially the court acts as a rubber stamp of the opinion of the Local Authority.

The local authority is simply trying to maximise adoptions and is clearly "conflicted". However, corruption runs through much of the Child Protection system whereby money is more important than children and families.

That means that fundamentally wrong decisions are taken by the courts, but not properly challenged. Many people are trying to change the system, but a lot of money is made and vested interests exist that are different to challenge.

It is much like the Witchfinding of Matthew Hopkins. He made a lot of money. There are modern day witchfinders making a very good living out of damaging the lives of children and families.

In the mean time, however, it is important that any potential adopters check carefully whether the children are on the "do not adopt" list.


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