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More children being stolen to satisfy the social engineering industry

The link is to a story from Cornwall. I know more about this story than is in the paper. Hopefully the Court of Appeal will see sense.

The grandparents of two young children are fighting to stop them being put up for adoption by social workers after a court order was granted to take them away from their mother.

The couple, who live in Falmouth but cannot be named for legal reasons, looked after the children for nine months last year while their mother was recovering from post-natal depression.

But last July - out of the blue - Cornwall's social services department took the children from the family home and into foster care and told them that they were going to be put up for adoption.


docmechanic said…
Many children and slandered parents have been the victim of this system and slandered parents and stolen children/discarded new adults should form a class and sue. Individually we are being picked off like flies.

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