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Travelling the open road

My experience of the rule of law is that for people to respect it it needs to be enforced. I have had conversations with travellers who believe that British Law does not apply to them. That is whey they feel they have a right to pack their caravans on parks such as Oaklands and dump tarmac on them.

My view is simply this. The rule of law applies to everyone in the UK and should be enforced.

There is an interesting post on one of the police blogs about this issue. I tend to be sympathetic with the general position of police officers. The rule of law should be enforced.


nobody said…
Thats the other side of the coin, as there are travellers and true romany gypies, a lot of difference to them both for abiding to the law.

However on the Law being enforced, Yes quite right as many of us are law biding citazins,
But what does a Law biding Citazin do when the LAW it self is used against them, when it should be working for them, to help them and to protect them.

This too accounts for police, they have the CPS above them, dictating what warrents court and what does not, and the boundaries they line out do not do justice to anyone in this country. A case can be prepared by the police only to be knocked back in the victims face once it goes to the crown prosicution system.

So you see, it is alright the laws being made, but 99% of the time the law enforcers do not imply their own written word!..

The travellers that dump rubbish are the tip of the ice berg compared to how this system does not comply with its own rules to law abiding citazins...

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