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Lenny Harper's affidavit about corruption in Jersey Police

The link is to the Mail on Sunday's report of Lenny's affidavit for the court hearing in the RCJ.

The Court's reasoning for rejecting the application was that proceedings needed to be initiated in Jersey. There is no system of private prosecution in Jersey and the AG has said that he does not think he is subject to judicial review.

What is needed, however, is an attempt to do this.


Linda Corby said…
Disgusting is what this is, talk about no accountability and the rife corruption in the island, it just defies belief!
I believe Lenny Harper and Graham Power were the only chance the abuse survivors had of getting some justice for the survivors of abuse.

The new cop wants everybody to believe that the childrens teeth with root still attatched to them were left out for the tooth fairy!

This is the sought of sh1te our "ruling elite" expect us to swallow!!
PoliticalHackUK said…
Can't argue - something seems hideously rotten in the State of Jersey. Whatever the truth behind Haut de la Garenne, there is much on that island that deserves proper investigation.

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