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How safe are children in foster care?

The link is to another story about a Foster Carer who abused children in his care. What I am particularly concerned about is how the state gags children in foster care.

Workers in one London Borough have threatened children in care that they won't get flats when they leave care if they speak out about their treatment.

The system is evil in so many ways. That does not mean that there are not good people trying to do a good job. However, they are gradually voting with their feet.


jipsy32 said…
I would love it if there was a place to go where you could report social workers and family court officials who abuse our children. Stark County Canton, Ohio has such a group of uncaring individuals that they have destroyed our family and ruined the lives of my two beautiful grandsons, all because I asked them for help. These people are evil. Everyone knows it but no one will do anything about it.
Sally said…
Trawling the blogs for someone blogging on local government I came across yours. Although your focus seems to be (at present ?) family cases, and mine is social care and health, there are similarities. I hope for the honorable committed workers NOT to leave the system, for the sake of those of us who rely on it - including families and children.

See my post 'Whos' A'feard'
and particularly the comment and my reply, referring to a report by the Committee for Social Care Inspection. I do not know if there is such a committee for inspection of Children and Family matters.

Interesting blog, thank you.

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