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Cafcass refuse complaints

One thing I find unusual about CAFCASS is that they will refuse to register complaints from time to time.

They refuse to register a similar number of complaints as they actually register. (same order of magnitude).

The numbers of complaints not registered in recent years are

YearNumber of complaints not registeredRegistered Complaints

Figures updated as a result of CAFCASS update (correcting 2005/6) and providing registered figures.


Tristan said…
I'm suprised that the orders of magnitude are the same. From my knowledge of CAFCASS (second hand), they get a lot of complaints.
Tristan said…
Having spoken to my wife (who has worked in admin at CAFCASS) this is because there's a time limit you have to complain and about 50% of complaints fall outside that time limit - often several years after the recommendation has been made (she once had someone try to make a complaint after 10 years - the records back then have probably largely been destroyed (unlike today when everything must be kept for far longer).
jacquig said…
I have looked at the Cafcass Annual Report ( for 2007 which makes clear that the unregistered complaints relate to disputed evidential issues before the courts and are referred back to the court to be addressed there. So nothing particularly sinister going on. There were only 194 registered complaints and Cafcass received 210 compliments! The vast majority of complaints are about private law matters.

John Hemming said…
There is, however, a question as to whether disputed evidenece should only be dealt with in the courts.

I am aware of a situation in which a guardian is attempting to pervert the courts of justice. That logically needs to be both considered in court and also by CAFCASS.
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