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Tornado Moseley Kings Heath Sparkbrook Birmingham Pictures Photographs

The link is to 67 photographs from various sources on

The following also have photographs Councillor Mullaney's pictures these are Martin's from today which are the more severely damaged areas. bbc pictures
Birmingham Post and Evening Mail

I have put this entry in because I am getting a lot of Tornado searches from my entry a few days ago and I thought it would be useful to collate photo lists somewhere. I will edit this entry to add any other photographs. If anyone wants any list added please email me at the usual addresses (either City Council, Parliament or John Hemming and Co - all end up the the same intray).

The amazing picture of the tornado itself taken by the Birmingham Post photographer is quite widely available. There were previous local tornados in 1931 and 1877.

Tonight I went to see the situation in Alder Road which I had been told had particularly suffered. The police have been called in from Smethwick and West Brom to prevent looting.


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