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Homes for Lambeth Scandal Reveals Labour Failures and Concerns About Executive Paul Simpson

I came across this story written by a friend about a national scandal that I consider raises issues of concern about the provision of housing for vulnerable groups and Labour failures. According to a report by independent peer Lord Kerslake, "The Kerslake Review", Labour controlled Lambeth council has wasted £25 million funding a failed private housing company, Homes for Lambeth. Worse, it appears at least one senior executive on a choice salary, Paul Simpson, was a former Labour Party staffer who made a career jump from one-man-band communications consultant to Head of Communications and Operations. Simpson's extensive LinkedIn profile takes credit for a number of areas which Kerslake said were failing. The author, Sam Smith of Matthew Hopkins News has written a lengthy and careful in-depth article. As well as raising the Kerslake Review, he raised historic issues since he worked with Simpson many years ago, which of course only he knows about, but which are consistent at least with the more recent concerns. You can find the Kerslake Review itself here It does raise ongoing concerns about the appointment of not-optimally-qualified former Labour Party staff in Lambeth and other London Boroughs.


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