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Fisetin Quercetin and Sleep

I think over time people will expect, of course, to take some form of Senolytic to clear out zombie cells. Senescent cells are cells which are the living dead of the body. They are not healthy enough to function, but they are also not ill enough to actually die off. Ideally the immune system will clear them out and although they are sterile they often send out inflammatory markers and create one of the major burdens of the bodys immune system. This inflammation puts a load on the body which depletes levels of NAD which then has a reinforcing effect in that the body has less energy to clear them out and they are more likely to be created.
Senolytics like Fisetin and Quercetin are molecules (those two are from plants such as Strawberries - Fisetin) which make it more likely that the body will clear out the zombie cells. I have recently done some experimentation with both of them. I have concluded that Fisetin can have a side effect of harming sleep. The pattern it creates is one of providing more energy to the body much like Vitamin K2. Hence calming down the neurons takes more effort.
I have done a bit of searching for anecdotal evidence for this and found the following:
Update #2: 9-23-2012. " I haven't been able to sleep well at all any of the nights I've taken Fisetin. I have extremely vivid and memorable dreams (not unpleasant, just vivid) and I can't seem to sleep for more than 4-5 hours per night."
"This time. I did experience one negative side effect. A few months ago, about 2 AM in the morning I awoke from a deep sleep and experienced a severe episode of vertigo. "
If anyone else has any sleep experiences with Fisetin can they please comment.
Quercetin, however, appears to be potentially beneficial for sleep (or at least one of its metabolites is)
"Effects of quercetin on the sleep–wake cycle in rats: Involvement of gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor type A in regulation of rapid eye movement sleep"
Effects of 6 Weeks of Quercetin Supplementation on Energy, Fatigue, and Sleep in ROTC Cadets LTC Kevin A. Bigelman , FA USA ; Donald P. Chapman , BS ; Eric C. Freese , BS ; Jennifer L. Trilk , PhD ; Kirk J. Cureton , PhD
It was also hypothesized that as an in vitro adenosine A 1 receptor antagonist, 1 quercetin may have an effect on alertness similar to that observed with caffeine, 32 and thereby have a negative, disturbing effect on sleep quality. However, our results do not support this hypothesis. ANOVA revealed no signifi cant differences ( p > 0.05) between Q and P over time. The mean global PSQI score for Q remained nearly consistent at each time point throughout the experiment, indicating quercetin had no effect on sleep quality. To our knowledge, this is the fi rst experiment to report that quercetin does not infl uence the sleep quality of moderately trained individuals. Two weeks posttreatment at T4, Q and P reported improved sleep quality compared with T1, with mean T4 global PSQI scores in each group under 5. However, it is unclear why sleep quality improved in Q and decreased in P following cessation of treatment.
None of the above is that conclusive save that I think it is reasoable if you are taking Fisetin to consider it may disrupt your sleep. On the other hand if Fisetin fixes a problem you have which causes sleep problems that may actually improve sleep. (eg COPD).


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