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Debugging the Metabolism

Quite a few people know I have been putting some effort into debugging my metabolism. This in many ways is medical research where N=1, but actually is different to most medical research. Rather an apply a protocol for a period of weeks or months and measure the results I apply different protocols almost on a daily basis. I do, of course, measure the results. However, rather than experimenting with one protocol this enables me to try lots of different protocols.

On my youtube channel I then aim to publish short videos with my conclusions. Recently, for example, I have experimented with Ketone Ester to see whether the GABAergic impact of the ketone is more or less influential than the increased energy available to neurons and experimented with acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) to see if I can prevent the Cortisol Awakening Response from keeping me awake during the night by disabling the Cycoloxegenase-1 enzyme whilst re-enabling the enzyme sufficiently to create adenosine and Melatonin for the next night's sleep.

In many ways this approach is more like debugging some software by applying different input variables in order to see what the relationship is between the input variables and the outputs.

I am doing reasonably well with the results as I now have a number of strategies to ensure I sleep well as well as strategies to improve other parts of health. Inevitable when studying cellular health one gets involved in looking at anti-aging. I do think considerable process is being made in understanding how cells deteriorate over time, how to reduce that process of deterioration and in fact how to reverse it.

With human beings there are now quite a few therapies that have been found (at various levels of certainty) to reverse some aspects of cellular decline. The ones I know of are:
  1. TRIIM and TRIIM-X which involve Human Growth Hormone, DHEA and Metformin
  2. Varying the partial pressure of Oxygen in blood through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  3. My own Berberine and Melatonin protocol which has similarities to TRIIM.
  4. Plasma replacement
There is also the scheme of using three of the Yanamaka Factors which has been found to reverse cellular decay in mice. There are other protocols that either hold back decay and may actually reverse the process
  1. Resveratrol, Metformin and NAD Boosters
  2. Intermittent fasting and other forms of calorie restriction (aka time restricted feeding)
  3. Rapamycin
I think it is quite likely that these will gradually develop some broader impact on society over the next decade.


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