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Tesco clears final board approval

I am pleased to hear that the main board of Tesco have now given the green light to the final phase of the Swan development subject to agreement on a S106 planning agreement and S278 roads development agreement.


PoliticalHackUK said…
Were they ever likely to do anything else?
John Hemming said…
The Labour vote on planning would probably have delayed the development rather than stopped it, but it could have stopped it.

Which is why it was a foolish things to do.
PoliticalHackUK said…
The index-linking was put in place to put some risk onto the private sector. The Tories and Lib Dems have taken that risk, that loss, into public ownership and allowed Tesco to keep the profit.

£300k will be a few days' turnover for this store and amounts to 50 minutes of Tesco's profits. If you believe what Tesco's board told you that holding out for £300k would stop the development, then I've got some snake oil to sell to you.

Tough times for everyone, but your colleagues laid down and let Tesco trample all over them.
John Hemming said…
Your alternative could have prevented the scheme from progressing and an absolute minimum would have delayed it for 6 months or more.

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