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NATO and the Gaza Flotilla

The link is to a post by Craig Murray who used to be the UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan.

He makes the interesting point that Turkish vessels have been attacked by a non-member of NATO and that Nato's prime function is a military alliance established to defend its members against attack.

It raises the question as to what extent NATO is independent of the USA. He also looks at the conflict in Afghanistan from that perspective.

The conflict is in essence a tribally based conflict where the NATO forces are aligned with a number of minority tribes.

This is dressed up as an ideological conflict. That is an error of analysis.


Anonymous said…
John Hemming,
I struggle with one point in the article - the Turkish Flotilla were attacked because they were disobeying the law (breaking the blockade even when they were asked several times to head towards Ashdod. Furthermore Israeli soldiers boarded with no intention of killing and only resorted to attack when they were beaten as they boarded.
Therefore while NATO can attack Israel over it's actions, it was always unlikely to take serious action - it had no right to.

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