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MG Rover Report

The report has now been released. It confirms a number of things.

It confirms the substantial sums of money which in my view should not have been removed from the group whilst it was being managed by the directors although it makes it clear that one of the directors was uncomfortable about this.

It also confirms that the community were squeezed out of the bid which initially involved more than 4 key players.

It recognises that the governments revelation of financial problems resulted in pushing the company into administration in 2005 - although it was most likely heading into administration at that time.

It also recognises that the alternative to Phoenix in 2000 was liquidation (although it could have been possible to have a further review with Alchemy).

What is sad about all of this is that it could have been a lot different. What the report reveals is that there were a number of solutions after 2000 when it would have been possible for the business to continue over time.

The damage done by the directors in chucking out a gold plated lifeboat every year or so undermined the project as a whole. The alternative model was clearly a possibility had the government not acquiesced in the squeezing out of people such as Mike Whitby, Carl Chinn and myself.


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