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Angela Wileman and sons win Hague Convention Case in Ireland

The link is to today's Daily Mail story about Angela Wileman.

The question for "the system" to answer is how has the state intervention benefited anyone either the children or the adults.

As far as I can see the state intervention in this case has been entirely damaging and the activities of the courts have been moreso to protect the interests of the system rather than protect the children.

Imaging removing a 7 year old from his mother in Ireland to put him in foster care in Devon to get him adopted.

On what basis is that justifiable?

Remember that the child is going to school and happy in his family who have been visited by the local health authority.


Elaine said…
I have just read about Angela Wileman in the Daily Mail. How sad that a GOOD HARD WORKING MOTHER could have her son took from her. Angela did the right thing running away with him. I have two son's and I could not go on, if someone took my boys away from me. I am so please that Lucas is back home and she can stop running. Good Luck Angela, you are a very strong lady. Thinking of you and your boys.Elaine
neil craig said…
Clearly had she not been a well off, university educated, decisive & articulate woman she would have lost her child. It looks very much as if there was little trouble in the marriage before the social workers insisted they split. One assumes for every 1 like this there are 50 where they get away with it.

What we are seeing is social workers whose jobsm advancement & empire building depend on finding, or in this case creating, ever more "problems" to "help". If we got rid of all of them & used the tax system to encourage formation of stable families we would have relatively few problems. The very worst place for a child is in "care" as the statitics for illiteracy, alcoholism, crime & homlessnes in adult life of those children "cared for" proves.
Ian (Leeds) said…
This case is services are extreme in there views and create more trouble.they are pariahs and can destroy childrens lives without any justification and just walk away pinning a medal on there chest.Why oh why does,nt somebody out there take this department to the courts.This department a train wreck waiting to happen.They are answerable to no one and in the endit will take a death to alter anything.and every excuse known to man will appear.Many people i know will never contact social services even for advice as to do so will eventually destroy the family
Unknown said…
Well done to her, I condone her illegal flits fully.

Now with regard to the LA and social workers involved: Are they going to be harassed and reprimanded in some form for the damage they caused to this boy and intentionally wanted to worsen by repeating it? - Not to mention what they did to the family as an whole.
PAIN, wish to Congratulate Angela and Family, on the return, of her Son, Justice at least for one Family.
I am dealing with a Public Law case within the West Midlands,and CAFCASS and Local Authority, have treated this Family with utter cruelty.
Mother has been diagnosed with MSP,a theory, which was discredited, over ten yeas ago,and in fact the diagnosis, was made by a Paediatrician, that had never seen the Parents or Children.
The Children's Names were on the Child Protection register, due to the theories of having a Personality disorder.
Two weeks ago, the Family went to a Wedding, one of the Boys had a fall,and was taken to Casualty, with no apparent injury.
At a Court hearing last week, the Guardian said that Mums anxieties was having a detrimental effect, on the Children, he ordered that the Judge, take the Passports off the Family, the Parents were ordered by the Judge, to hand their Passports, over to the Court,and a two week holiday, they had booked to Egypt, at a cost of £3000, would have to be canceled, they had booked the holiday over a year ago.
The Judge then ordered that the Guardian, should explain, to 3 small Children, why their holiday had to be canceled, the Children were then escorted to the CAFCASS offices in Coventry to have the decision, explained to them,with no Family Member being present.
The Family were more or less, put under house arrest,with twice a day visits from Social Workers.
The Guardian suggestion, was to place all three siblings in different Foster Homes.
At Court today, an Interim Care Order was granted, but the Children were allowed to stay at home, to be cared for by the Parents, until Psychological assessments were carried out.
Thank you to our wonderful PAIN Children's Panel Solicitor Brendan Fleming, for at least managing to keep the Children at home.
IT WOULD OF BEEN IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILDREN, TO SPLIT THEM UP,AND PLACE THEM WITH SEPARATE FOSTER CARERS,and what about the canceled holiday, to have to hear the Boys, crying at the end of the telephone,about the holiday, brought tears to my eyes.
Alison Stevens Parents Against Injustice.
Sticks said…
But now the chairman of Barnardo's has given more oomf to social workers wanting to remove children from families for what ever reason they can by saying babies should be removed at birth.
liz said…
I was 17 living in a middle class area with middle class adopted parents. I had my son, got ill due to being bullied @ school. I was in a mother and baby unit for two weeks when I was diagnosed with bornderline personality disorder. My parents were forced to get a residence order and I was not allowed with baby alone for more then half an hour. By the time he was 6 months old I was in foster care and only saw him once a week. He is 13 now there was a time I did not see him for 5 years. I work as a makeup artist in london and have taken the case to court three times. I'm now pregnant with baby number 2 I'm alone. But I'm planning on fleeing the uk as social services are sniffing around again.

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