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Lib Dem Votes on Referendum

These are people who voted generally for a referendum and the votes they voted in. Amendment 293 was the Conservative one, 296 was Ian Davidson's and allowed the possibility of a second question. There was then the Clause 8 stand part vote (sp).

Brooke, Annette 293 296 sp
Carmichael, Mr. Alistair 293 296
Farron, Tim 293 296
George, Andrew 293
Gidley, Sandra 293 sp
Hancock, Mr. Mike 293 296 sp
Heath, Mr. David 293 296
Hemming, John 293 296 sp
Holmes, Paul 293 296 sp
Horwood, Martin 293 296
Leech, John 296
Mulholland, Greg 293 296
Pugh, Dr. John 293 296
Williams, Mark 296
Younger-Ross, Mr. Richard 293 296 sp

There is supposed to be another Lib Dem MP, but the Public Whip analysis is not yet available and I haven't gone through the figures with a fine tooth comb.


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