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Results: Thursday 24th July 2008.

Boston BC, Coastal
Con 344 (30.9; -1.6)
Boston Bypass Independent Party 306 (27.5; -32.9)
LD Ossy Snell 213 (19.1; +19.1)
BNP 119 (10.7; +10.7)
UKIP 88 (7.9; +0.7)
Lab 44 (3.9; +3.9)
Majority 38
Turnout 37.4%
Con gain from Boston Bypass Independent Party
Percentage change is since May 2007

City of Westminster LBC, Church Street
Con 955 (53.6; +24.5)
Lab 652 (36.6; -3.0)
LD Martin Thompson 176 (9.9; -1.3)
[Respect (0.0; -20.3)]
Majority 303
Turnout 24.1%
Con gain from Lab
Percentage change is since May 2006

Derby City UA, Darley
LD John-Paul Keane 1040 (35.8; -0.9)
Con 976 (33.6; +4.1)
Lab 695 (23.9; -1.0)
Green 192 (6.6; -2.2)
Majority 64
Turnout not known
LD hold
Percentage change is since May 2008

Downend and Bromley Heath PC, West
LD Craig Whittaker 313 (75.1)
Lab 104 (24.9)
Majority 209
Turnout 28.1%
LD gain from Lab

Ipswich BC, Castle Hill
Con 843 (64.3; +3.3)
Lab 282 (21.5; +2.9)
LD Nigel Cheeseman 186 (14.2; -0.4)
[Green (0.0; -5.9)]
Majority 561
Turnout 22.3%
Con hold
Percentage change is since May 2008

Mid Sussex DC, Hurstpierpoint and Downs
Con 1040 (51.4; +11.0)
LD Rodney Jackson 608 (30.1; +3.3)
Green 374 (18.5; -4.8)
[Lab (0.0; -9.5)]
Majority 432
Turnout 35.9%
Con hold
Percentage change is since May 2007

Newark and Sherwood DC, Magnus
Con 310 (49.8; -17.1)
Ind 173 (27.8; +27.8)
LD Antony Barson 140 (22.5; +22.5)
[Lab (0.0; -33.1)]
Majority 137
Turnout 16.3%
Con hold
Percentage change is since May 2007

Telford and Wrekin UA, Muxton
Con 795 (61.9; +2.4)
Lab 341 (26.6; +1.0)
Ind 100 (7.8; +7.8)
UKIP 48 (3.7; -11.2)
Majority 454
Turnout 27.2%
Con hold
Percentage change is since May 2007

Further Results:

From 10th July 2008.

Blyth Valley BC, Croft
Lab 439 (48.1; -8.9)
Ind 266 (29.1; +29.1)
LD Jane Bewley 176 (19.3; -7.0)
Con 32 (3.5; -13.2)
Majority 173
Turnout 25.6%
Lab hold.
Percentage change is since May 2007.

Cookham PC, Cookham Rise
LD Fiona Hewer 525 (53.8)
Ind 376 (38.6)
Ind 74 (7.6)
Majority 149
Turnout 34%
LD gain from Ind

Okehampton TC, Okehampton West
Con 455 (62.0)
LD Jacqueline Reynolds 279 (38.0)
Majority 176
Turnout 31.8%
Con gain from LD

Stafford BC, Common
Con 397 (40.3; -3.6)
Lab 294 (29.8; -26.3)
LD Martin Shapland 140 (14.2; +14.2)
EPP 78 (7.9; +7.9)
Green 76 (7.7; +7.7)
Majority 103
Turnout not known
Con gain from Lab
Percentage change is since 2007.


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