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United Nations to Look at UK Childrens Social Services

In an Email today from the secretary of the United Nations Human Rights Committee it has been confirmed that Committee Members will be looking at John Hemming MP's submission about UK Childrens Social Services.

John Hemming MP said, "It takes some time to work through different systems of administration. I am pleased that we now seem to making some progress at getting the United Nations to look at the way in which England and Wales recycle children. It is plainly wrong for England and Wales to continue doing things in this way. More of the abuses of process that occur in the Family Justice System are being highlighted now. However, what needs to happen is the recognition that the system is wrong. I therefore welcome the communication from Patrice Gillibert today that our submission will go through to the next stage."

"I am still waiting for the High Court to decide whether or not I can start reporting malpractise to the authorities. It is wrong for judges to be immune from sanctions for malpractise in private hearings - which is currently the situation."

John Hemming MP, who chairs Justice for Families, submitted a report to the United Nations about how families were being maltreated by the UK's Childrens Social Services earlier this year. Justice for Families is a campaigning organisation pushing for changes in Public Family Law in the UK.


Notes for editors:
Submission to UN

Justice for Families

Potential Changes

John Hemming's note:

I am a member of the UK Parliament. I am particularly concerned at the way in which the UK treats new mothers where their newborn babies are removed from them even though there is no real risk to the health of the babies. The court process is secret and the babies are given to other more acceptable families.

Response from Secretary Gillibert:

Thank you for your message whcih will be brought to the attention of Committee members. Sincerely, Patrice Gillibert Secretary, Human Rights Committee


Mountjoy said…
Yes, John, the UN really does need to look at children's social services in this country. Under this Government the situation is getting very bad indeed -- tragic -- and they don't seem to care about how many families they rip apart. What happened to Compassionate Socialism?
ESCAPE said…
Well done John, I hope you can include the fact that LA's are prepared to drug children that are going to have a traumatic time being removed forcibly by the police from loving parents, Thank God Bolton police took a stand for the rights of the child recently and refused to force an Autistic child away from its mother. I hope more police take a stand and see they are being used by the SS to do their dirty work even when a child is not in crisis.

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