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Another sad death from child abuse in London

The link is to a story about Barking and Dagenham. This story fits in with the thesis as to what sort of interventions are avoided.

Note that in the changes document I am suggesting that where there are clear mental health issues that risk is a key determinant. (That doesn't mean just someone saying a bit of therapy is needed).

There is a further important point relevant to this case. If Childrens Social Services have massive caseloads because they are chasing up cases where "Emotional Abuse" is alleged. (Which can mean just shouting at children) Then they don't have the resource to deal urgently with issues where rapid action is required.

There needs to be some clear focus on cases which involve substantial risk of physical harm. That is what has been missing in Swansea, Huddersfield, Haringey and Dagenham in the recent stories.

I presume the local Safeguarding Children Board will say "lessons will be learned".


x said…
I suspect what exacerbates this problem is that some MPs prevent child protection specialists from doing their job.

It is though an incredibly sad story.

By the way, there are a number of types of abuse. I would say some doctors are currently being abused at the GMC. Given your stance on the GMC, perhaps you would like to wish me luck in the forthcoming judicial review against the GMC. The case happens to be a challenge to the complaints brought on by the people you support - Penny Mellor.

By the way, while you are thinking about the above, have you by any chance thought about why cyanosis does not always cause brain damage and why EEGs are not the definitive test for brain damage. You still fail to respond to this scientific question.

Dr Rita Pal
ESCAPE said…
Dr Pal, you seem to be missing Johns point, he like yourself is uncovering wrong doings, just like the 6 social workers who wee sacked for doing exactly the same thing. We are uncovering wrong doings in the secret family courts. How many family court proceedings have you been involved with, Southall and Meadows are only a blip in the system, there are many more. You have experienced being called mad by your own kind, how did that feel. Bad enough for you to fight to take money in compensation from the NHS for slander. I have seen with my own eyes how doctors, solicitors, barristers, Psychologists close in on parents if they want to take a child that has NOT been abused. I have seen them change a parents statement from contesting a hearing to agreeing with the LA's concerns.
The RAD method is still being used in cleveland.
You seem to think it is ok to conduct such experiments on babies to further research, this makes me think you are indeed mad.
There is no scientific evidence to show if someone has MSBP, the same as there is no scientific evidence to show a chemical imbalance for depression. Which is why Doctors like yourself are being jailed for prescribing unnessesary medication.
I dont know who you think you are, you have only learnt your subject the same as any other doctor, through books and study, you are not god you have no special powers, you are just a human being like myself without much emotion.
Penny Mellor only suffered because she was trying to help a parent keep her child, the fact you are slandering her shows the sort of person you are, open your eyes woman or keep quiet about a system you know nothing about.
Is Judge Mumby wrong to agree with us. Are the 6 social workers who lost their jobs wrong, did the websters deserve to loose their children, is it acceptable to spend over £1 million pounds to remove and adopt a child that has not suffered abuse but may some time in the future when they are older, say a teen, I suggest you read "Gulag of the family courts" to start with.
I support parents in court that are LIP for free. Adoption is a money making racket and has to stop. John is trying to help change the system so there are less mistakes and more resources available for better child protection, and help for families, instead of £3.1 billion of tax payers money being spent on proffessionals for their opinions, which end up as a holiday home in the sun.
What benefit will you gain in fighting John, I think I know and I am sure its a selfish reason. Its ok for you to challenge the complaints, but not others.
I hope you loose.
I am sure when John gets a free moment from his extremely busy work load, he will answer your so called scientific questions that will in no way stop the fight for open justice, that way only the Doctors who have nothing to hide and are genuine will be on the payroll.

Chrissy Young
John Hemming said…
Rita as usual misses the point.

How much iatrogenic cerebral hypoxia is acceptable?
x said…
I believe there are better ways of fighting injustice than placing doctor's lives and livelihoods at risk.

I am sorry but I don't approve of being subjected to a GMC investigation on wholly frivolous complaints. I also do not approve of my livelihood being assasinated by badly behaved support group members.

I also do not approve of being bombarded with repeated threats. I honestly don't see any of the people featured on NHS Exposed resorting to violence or threats.

Mr Hemming MP has supported a minority group who were themselves accused of abuse at one point. There is nothing to say they are innocent neither is there evidence to show that Southall or Meadows were negligent. Its a perception not a scientific proof.

Mr Hemming MP has currently been unable to tell me about brain damage in the children he describes. While there may well be injustices, he has not done a good job of proving it. Indeed, his science is laughably inaccurate.

Arpad Toth v GMC - is someone who has lost. He though does not resort to dysfunctional behaviour and attacks. There is a way to win and gain respect - that is a measured approach.

By the way, what have I ever done to have my entire livelihood assasinated. I have a family as well not that anyone considers what they will live on now that I am unemployed thanks to Mr Hemming and his bunch of merry supporters.


Dr Rita Pal
moira said…
I suspect what exacerbates this problem is that some MPs prevent child protection specialists from doing their job.QUOTE

What a ridiculous comment to make!They are not doing their jobs are they -if children are dying through incompetence and indifference.Actually children have been dying due social worker to incompetence long before John became involved.
What he is doing is try to change the system so that these deaths are prevented.

You say that John is backed by a minority group that have been accused of abuse at one point.Actually I am a member and have never been accused of abuse. half of cases in the family courts don not involve abuse.You seem very ignorant.

The kind of person that jumps to conclusions without any evidence like Southall and Meadows.

I just hope you are not an expert witness. You don't come across as professional or your views well measured or thought out.This superior attitude that Doctors are always right,even Meadows wh was discredited

Actually American Doctors have said our system for diagnosing is very outdated and bad.

You say "whatever have you done to have your life assassinated.

We don't know,only you know that,but if it means people have been protected in the long run,I am glad.

Unfortunately Doctors and social workers have been unaccountable for too long.

Never once do bad social workers and doctors think about all the suffering and lives they have wrecked.

It is always about themselves.
x said…
The post above as usual contains no evidence at all apart from mere puff.

The only person that protects me is me.

As for social workers - like every profession they may get it wrong or right. Its a bit like John Hemming MP who gets it more wrong than right but thats because he depends on dimbos to do his research so one can't blame him totally. I though calculate that he spends more time in an affair rather than out of it. Tends to deviate from the real issues really.

Please clarify your statements with some scientific or research.

Many thanks

Rita Pal
ESCAPE said…
John has plenty of evidence, but because of the secrecy laws he is unable to show it. This is why he has applied to the courts for permission to release this evidence.
In what way has John got IT wrong, what has he got wrong. I have evidence of body parts being removed form disabled children who have been removed and put into care, but I am not allowed to show anybody either or name names YET.
The only reason you are getting involved is to help your own situation and gain some credibility from the scum that call themselves doctors.
Dr Pal and Gornell are off the same pack, the same sort of people who believe they are better than the rest, this is laughable, you have no integrity, just like the men and women in the concentration camps who so easily put women and children to death, just like mengle who thought it is ok to do appauling medical research on children.
Where do you get the idea that it is a small group of people calling for open justice.
I also have children. 1 who is suffering because of a so called doctor who doesnt know his head from his ...., I had to put in a complaint so he would not do the same to other children, guess what he has left the country, how convienient. This was child abuse as his advise caused my child emotional abuse. Its the likes of Dr Wier that need stopping, you are probably a freind of his too Dr Pal.
Thankfully there are decent doctors out there, you are not one of them.
My family fought for freedom from oppression, what waste of lives when there are people like you in high paid positions.
I helped reduce this country's unemployment by putting forward the idea for family tax credits, what have you done to help this country.
moira said…
Dear Rita

The evidence I have about social workers I cannot reveal as I would be put in prison for contempt of court.Then they would take my child as they would declare me unfit to parent as I was a criminal.

Believe me I would very much like to go on tv with all the evidence I have.What is the point of asking me to provide evidence,you obviously don't know a thing about the system if you demand evidence on an internet site.

Many social workers get things wrong,as in my case,as they are incompetent and really are lacking in investigative skills.they do not have common sense or a ability to reason.
My complaint has been upheld in parts actually.Is still on going and today I will get more evidence actually.

These sws were found guilty of poor practice and not following correct procedures.
If they had followed their own rules,none of the cock-ups would have happened.
In many cases they do not follow the rules because they think they are important. Many times they have said to parents -you have no rights,I decide your rights.
Social services are so desperate for staff that they will take any incompetent on. There is where the problem lies.
Unless you have actually been under the children's services as a parent or child,its impossible to explain to an ignoramus like yourself how bad it is.

Children now want to speak out about the lies social services used to put them in care. They are gagged,supposedly in their best interests.

As for evidence against Meadows etc it is well documented,the statistics he gave for cot death statistics.

The Websters case also revealed the expert comments from USA.

Also Beverley Hughes herself said social work training should involved learning about child development and attachment. It just beggers belief what do these people actually learn.

The social workers in my case knew less about children than the average person on the street.

You say the only person that protects yourself is you.

Well that is exactly how we feel.Nobody protects us from abusive,incompetent social workers,and for some people expert witnesses.

That is why groups are being set up to protect people and ourselves.

That bitchy comment about John's personal life does nothing to convince that you are in the right job.

There are plenty of jobs out there.I am sure you can find something suitable. Have you thought about going to evening school?

You won't starve.People like you always are protected and something comes up.
x said…
"You won't starve.People like you always are protected and something comes up"

Really, and that is how much you understand about doctors Moira. I know all about injustice having fought against it for most of my life. I also know that the way to fight against the tide is to put your case succinctly not abuse the entire profession - because there are people in that profession who may well sympathise with you.

Tell me something - what chance is there of a doctor getting a bona fide job while they have a investigation at the GMC when the GMC is obliged to disclose the rubbish written by the complainant to every employer. Think about it for a while and get back to me. In the meantime, how do you think doctors survive - on air?

By the way, no one will have an ounce of sympathy for your cause while you have that chip on your shoulder and are only of the view that all of you suffer and the rest of the world doesn't.

Have a look at R v GMC Ex Parte Toth a man failed by all experts and everyone but one who can argue far above anyone else - not by screaming but by science. I often wonder whether you can do the same.

As for John - he has lost his way in the world - is ruled by what he feels society wants. Respect has to be earned and for a man with his mass of intellect, I expect better and why shouldn't I? He needs to do right by the woman he married in church, he needs to stand for the values he believes in not run after media spin and column inches. That is the difference between an honourable man and one who has lost his way.

Dr Rita Pal
ESCAPE said…
Look love they are hiring at KFC if you are worried about where the next ,meal is coming from. Please come and meet with the family I am helping, you will change your views, they have lost everything including their jobs because of the secret family courts, having to do as SS ask and be where they want them to be regardless of whether they have job or not. You really have no idea. Slating John is only making you look an idiot, No one is perfect dont you read your bible, you must not Judge others, this is his private family life, God laws are higher than mans, and if his wife continues with him then he is forgiven by her, that ok in Gods book. Her treasures will be stored in heaven for her suffering,
x said…
KFC - now that is interesting because no one hires doctors being investigated by the GMC. Shows how totally naive you really are.

Sure, only you guys suffer, no one else does. As for pro bono work - I believe I have done my share.

As for John - he fails at each stage to be convincing. That is why is in in a failing party.

Rita Pal
x said…
By the way, just one more point - damaged human beings never see past themselves. That is a flaw in their selfish makeup. That is also the reason that they are probably fated to fail in their supposed quest for justice. That is also the reason that no one will sympathise with their cause. No one sympathises with people who are selfish.

Rita Pal
ESCAPE said…
I suppose if you are like the Dr who molested his patients to satisfy his own lust, then no one should employ them, in fact being struck off means nothing, the man should be behind bars.
I could get you a job tomorrow even though you are under investigation, have you been banned from working everywhere, I don't think so. Ex cons can get work so you are talking rubbish, its just that you are not prepared to lower your expectations thats stopping you from getting another job.
Are you calling the Websters selfish or Angela canning, or poor Sally Clark, you are treading on thin ice by making such a statement.
You have been brain washed into believing that some people deserve better treatment than others, if the system has emotionally damaged someone, do they not deserve to be undamaged by getting help. Emotional damage is a tempary neurosis caused by stress, like half of America suddenly becoming depressed by the 9/11 incident, these people wer'nt there yet the trauma of it all caused many to suffer, will you now call these people selfish and damaged.
The Mccanns both Dr's behaved very selfish, they must be damaged by your standards.
Oh I just visited the CCHR PSYCHIATRY an INDUSTRY of DEATH it was most eye opening, I hope the televise it on the BBC in full, I have bought a copy of the video, as you do not have a job at the moment I would gladly lend you my copy. These are the most selfish types of people I know, there are of course a few exceptions, not many.
I hope you get a job for your childrens sake as its them that are the most important people in your life.
moira said…
By the way, just one more point - damaged human beings never see past themselves. That is a flaw in their selfish makeup. That is also the reason that they are probably fated to fail in their supposed quest for justice. That is also the reason that no one will sympathise with their cause. No one sympathises with people who are selfish.QUOTE

Funny that is exactly how I would describe your rantings.
Someone with a chip on their shoulder,as you re being rightly investigated and you don't like criticism.

I am someone that has been abused by corrupt sws.Yes my child and I have been damaged by them.I think that gives us a right to feel aggrieved.

Don't assume that I regard all doctors as being the same as you.

If it wasn't for an honest,decent professional expert who spoke out against the sws,I would have lost my child. Thank god I did not get one that just gives SS what they want to receive a fat sum and guaranteed work.

When I say you won't starve. Look at the Polish,they manage to find work and so will you.

What you really mean is a fat wage to keep you in the style you are accustomed to.Well welcome to the real world.

Actually people do have sympathy with our cause. The public have a mistrust of social workers. when they find out how they are abusing the families they are supposed to help,using extremely unethical and dirty tactics that break every rule, then I find the public is outraged. Especially when its at the tax payers expense.

You don't know the public very well. Most of them don't like to see vulnerable people being bullied especially when it involved sws hiding behind secrecy and unaccountability.
x said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
x said…
Well, as I always say - damaged people never see past themselves.

Take a look at what your fellow campaigners accuse me of

For the record, I do think you are all really self centered egotistical people. No one is perfect I suspect.

x said…

You state "How much iatrogenic cerebral hypoxia is acceptable?"

You tell me how much is acceptable? Give me the limits then as per scientific fact or statistics. Also give me your comparator study to Doncaster.

Thats your cause isn't it? You are the one who listens to Penny Mellor blinded by her beauty no doubt. That though is your problem Mr Hemming - you see nothing past what you want to believe. Fact is different from fiction.

Incidentally, I don't think what has happened to me is fair. I plan to prove it in court.

x said…
From the Register

Doctor faces High Court battle with GMC over weblinkInvestigation into 'confidential' PDF
By Chris Williams → More by this author
Published Tuesday 21st August 2007 14:05 GMT
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Exclusive A mental health doctor is headed for a showdown with the General Medical Council (GMC) in the High Court because she is accused of breaking confidentiality by posting a link on her blog.

Dr Rita Pal's link led to an American site called Furious Seasons, which had published a PDF of the minutes of a July 2006 fitness to practice hearing of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

The hearing concerned Lisa Blakemore-Brown, a psychologist who has been involved in several high profile child health controversies. Her work included highlighting the controversy over Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy, a disputed theory that was used to obtain several wrongful child murder convictions.

Dr Rita Pal
The hearing garnered attention from bloggers who highlighted the BPS's use of testimony from a psychiatrist who , according to the minutes, had not actually examined Blakemore-Brown.

Dr Pal was forced out of her locum job at Worcestershire NHS Trust in early May after managers got wind that she was being investigated by the GMC over the link. The GMC is the statutary body responsible for regulating doctors in the UK.

Dr Pal is part of a team which produces NHS Exposed, a campaigning website that aims to "obtain justice and fair treatment for those abused by the NHS".

After featuring the Blakemore-Brown case on NHS Exposed, she was notified by the GMC that it had received complaints and would investigate two of them under its own fitness to practice procedures. She stands accused of breaking the GMC's confidentiality rules.

Lisa Blakemore-Brown has said that she had not been aware that the minutes were going to be published online, but had no objections once they were.

The BPS first accused Blakemore-Brown in January of breaching its confidentiality rules, which she said was "laughable". She added: "I'm absolutely staggered they [the GMC] should drag Rita into it, especially because all she did was put a link up; she wasn't the first to publish it."

Rita Pal's lawyers have now applied to the High Court for a judicial review to have the case against her dismissed before any GMC hearing.

Dr Pal told The Reg: "It's bizarre. I linked to a document which was already public."

Another UK doctor's blog, Scientific Misconduct, also posted a link to the hearing minutes, but its operator, Dr Aubrey Blumsohn has had no contact from the GMC.

He said, on his site: "I wrote to them asking for clarification of their complaint against Dr Pal, clarification as to the relevance of the matter to their remit, and what offense they regard her to have committed under GMC rules so that I could properly accuse myself. I received acknowledgement but no reply."

A secondary accusation of falsely using the job title "psychiatrist" is also disputed by Dr Pal's lawyers.

Worcestershire NHS confirmed that Dr Pal left after it became aware of the GMC's investigation, but refused to comment further, citing confidentiality.

The GMC said it does not comment on ongoing investigations.

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