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Three articles in the Sunday Telegraph

One about how secrecy protects professionals
An opinion piece (you can guess by whom)
The editorial comment

For those interested we are working on a draft of proposals for change to the system.
Draft proposals for changes


ESCAPE said…
One of the changes I would like to see is Police having the powers to act on a complaint against the SS etc, for instance if you suspect your child ahs been abused in care, you go to the police, but the complaint goes straight back to SS to be dealt with, the police are powerless to act due to the law, the police are being used by the LA to behave in ways many police officers dont agree with, yet they would loose their jobs if they did not comply. The SS constantly threaten parents with the police if they do not co-operate, as happened recently if the parent did not encourage the child who is Autistic to go alone with a stranger foster carer. This is abuse of power and they use it daily.

Chrissy Young

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