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Family Law issues in Southern Australia

The link is to a story in Southern Australia where lie detectors are suggested for picking up false allegations.

The issue of handling false allegations is a very important one. Sometimes people know what they are saying is not true. However, sometimes people believe what they are saying is true, but it is not.

That is the real difficulty with some medical evidence. The doctors believe what they are saying, but it happens to be untrue. The judges cannot handle this directly (particularly when they refuse to listen to more than one expert) and it is really the responsibility of the state (a mixture of all estates) to work to ensure that expert evidence actually is true and where it is unreliable it is not relied upon.

This issue is why we end up with "fact finding hearings" that are really just inventions as to one possibility that may be true. The procedures used try to obtain certainty from a complete muddle. The end result is a mess.


Unknown said…
Polygraphs have been shown to be entirely unscientific and THEY DON'T WORK! See Bringing them into family cases can only make a bad situation worse.